A Self Promotional Print Campaign for Digital Retouching By Dare for The Orange Apple.

Self-Promo campaign for Digital Retouching

Dare of Vancouver has created this visually compelling self-promo campaign for digital retouching – as one might guess – by Canada’s The Orange Apple.

Self-Promo Campaign for Digital Retouching

Creatives take note… The Orange Apple was approached by Andrew Ablas and Rob Sweetman of Dare to create the three ads below (as opposed to the client soliciting the campaign) which show two dimensional drawings springing to life as three dimension worlds.

Self-Promo for Digital Retouching

digital retouching self-promo

Dare vancouver self-promo orange apple

digital art

Advertising Agency: Dare, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Art Directors: Andrew Alblas, Rachel Harrison
Copywriter: Darien Campbell
Photographer: Paul Lang
Retoucher: The Orange Apple
Published: April 2012

Courtesy of Ads of The World.