Echoism, Your Left Side Vs. Your Right Side.

echoism your left side vs. your right side

Your Left Side vs. Your Right Side. Do you have a good side? Most people do. Rarely are faces symmetrical and more often than not, features are misaligned and various facial characteristics make one side of your face appear very different from the other. Photographer Julian Wolkenstein compares Your Left Side vs. Your Right Side in this project.

Your Left Side vs. Your Right Side

your left side vs. your right side

I first introduced you to the work of Julian Wolkenstein three years ago. Echoism, a recent project of his, plays with the notion of your own identity as expressed through your features. What do you look like? What are the things that make you look like you? If you are made symmetrical, do you consider yourself more beautiful, less so, or is it just weird? Or is it you at all? Do you have a best side? What is to be said of left and right brain dominance?

Your Left Side vs. Your Right Side

The process is a face-to-camera portrait, after which the image is split into a left and a right section, then one side is horizontally flipped and placed against that same side to make up two separate portraits of the right side and left side of a human face.

In photographer Julian Wolkenstein‘s initial project, the subjects were specifically cast for their individual facial features. They were photographed front to camera and in the same position. They were asked not to express emotions or character.

Below are images from the study:
julian wolkenstein

your left side v your right side

echoism project

Your Left Side vs. Your Right Side

comparing your left and right sides

Echoism is now available for you to try via an online website or with an app you can buy in the itunes app store. If you’ve got a built in camera on your computer, you can visit the website, have your image immediately taken and upload it to the site. is a project by artist and photographer Julian Wolkenstein
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