Chipotle’s "The Scarecrow" : The Film, The Game and A Look Behind The Scenes.

chipotle scarecrow ad behind the scenes

Following up on the success of their 2012 Cannes Grand Prix winner “Back To The Start” (shown below), Chipotle and CAA Marketing have released a new short film and an interactive game that take an ultra-critical look at Big Food in order to highlight its own sustainably-sourced ethos. Read more

Invisible Hieroglyphics. Turning Touchscreen Residue Into Art.

your residue as art

Invisible Hieroglyphics is an experimental collaboration Between Andre Woolery (whose wonderful thumbtack art I shared with you here) and Victor AbiJaoudi II. Read more

Echoism, Your Left Side Vs. Your Right Side.

echoism your left side vs. your right side

Do you have a good side? Most people do. Rarely are faces symmetrical and more often than not, features are misaligned and various facial characteristics make one side of your face appear very different from the other. Photographer Julian Wolkenstein compares Your Left Side vs. Your Right Side in this project. Read more