The Dressage Tub and Vanity Are Almost Too Pretty For The Bathroom.

Graff Dressage collection 1 IIHIH

The DRESSAGE tub and vanity are a new bath collection designed by Studio Brianzolo Nespoli and Novara for Graff Europe West. The pieces combine Canaletto Walnut Solid Wood with DuPont™ Corian® for an elegant and modern round bath tub and unusual mirrored vanity inspired by furniture design.

Dressage Tub and Vanity

The DRESSAGE round bath tub:
Graff Dressage tub 1 IIHIH

Graff Dressage tub 2 IIHIH

Graff Dressage tub 3 IIHIH

The bathtub is composed of a thermoformed panel of Corian® DuPont™ and combined with solid wood. Its angular cut along its entire section creates an invitation for entering and an elevated area that allows one to stretch and relax. It is imagined to live in the center of the space, in its free-standing version, with a headrest made of leather and a shelf for storing beauty products.

Graff Dressage tub 7 IIHIH

Graff Dressage vanity 7 IIHIH

Graff Dressage tub 6 IIHIH

Graff Dressage tub 9 IIHIH

The handcrafted style can also be observed from the presence of two other elements, the stool and valet. Each object is autonomous and versatile, but can be part of an overall picture which you can arrange gradually in time including the principal ambiences of the house.

The DRESSAGE mirrored vanity:
Graff Dressage vanity 18 IIHIH

Graff Dressage vanity 17 IIHIH

Graff Dressage vanity 16 IIHIH

The furniture is a carrying element of canaletto walnut solid wood, compact and functional. All elements of the water supply and water discharge are located inside, hidden from the eye. It can be combined with a washbasin in Corian® DuPont™ covered by canaletto walnut solid wood and accompanied by a shelve with a towel hook, and chest of drawers with a movable mirror.

Graff Dressage vanity 6 IIHIH

Graff Dressage vanity 12 IIHIH

Graff Dressage vanity 11 IIHIH

Graff Dressage vanity 9 IIHIH

And some photos of the GRAFF Dressage collection at its debut in Milan at the 2014 Salon Del Mobile:
Graff Dressage collection 3 IIHIH

Graff Dressage vanity 14 IIHIH

Graff Dressage tub 8 IIHIH

Graff Dressage collection 2 IIHIH

Graff Dressage collection 4 IIHIH

Graff Dressage vanity 13 IIHIH

Materials: Thermoformed DuPont™ Corian® combined with Canaletto Walnut Solid Wood
Design: Studio Lombardo Nespoli & Novara.

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