Doppia Firma Armadillo Chair by Adriana Gomez Navarro

doppia firma armadillo chair

The Armadillo Chair by Adriana Gomez Navarro has the honor of being included in this years’ edition of Doppia Firma, an annual project which exemplifies the combination of European design innovation and the tradition of great artisanship with a unique collection of original, refined objects.

Doppia Firma Armadillo Chair

Armadillo chair adriana gomez navarro 4

The chair will be shown as part of the biggest annual design event in the world: Milan Design Week, from 17 to 23 April 2023.

Armadillo chair adriana gomez navarro 3

Presented by the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, Doppia Firma is supported by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’arte with Living Corriere della Sera, providing a platform for a dialogue between the craftsperson and designer to develop new artworks that combine the finest métiers d’art expertise and contemporary design culture.

Armadillo chair adriana gomez navarro 1

Each of the objects carry two signatures – doppia firma, in Italian – as each is the outcome of the collaboration between a designer and a uniquely skilled craftsperson.

Armadillo chair from back

armadillo chair detail

The Armadillo chair was a collaborative process between Adriana Gomez Navarro, who has a background in both Industrial Design and Interior Design, along with Homo Faber Master Woodcarver Yecid Robayo.

Bogotà Master woodcarver Yecid Robayo
Bogotà Master woodcarver Yecid Robayo

I enjoyed designing a chair impossible to build and he enjoyed proving to me that he could actually do it. We challenged ourselves, working with mind, heart, body, and soul. -Adriana Gomez Navarro on creating the chair with Yecid Robayo

Artist’s Statement:
“I design while working on a story (yours) and the ecosystem that holds it.

Whether it’s about a brand, furniture, conceptual pieces, interior spaces or people, I focus on human experiences.

My purpose is about transcending and exploring where the foundation of fulfilment lies. I want people to flow and find joy. We need resilience and sustainable wellbeing for the complexity of our times; design is a tool that can help us achieve whatever we want.

Adriana Gomez Navarro
Adriana Gomez Navarro, photo: Facebook

I love travelling and researching wellbeing, sustainability and technology. Meanwhile, I’m an avid meditator.

After studying Industrial Design in Colombia, I pursued a Masters in Interior Design at Arizona State University in the United States. I’ve lived in five countries, and while moving every three years, I learned Home is, above all, within us. I currently live with my husband and two children in Switzerland.”

Adriana Gomez Navarro
Doppia Firma

images and information provided by the artist