TIME Magazine Depicting The Downfall of Donald Trump

Depicting The Downfall of Donald Trump

TIME magazine asked the illustrator who created the cover for their August 22nd issue to reprise it to reflect the exacerbating anger within the Republican party leadership about their candidate’s behavior and what will ultimately be the downfall of Donald Trump.

Depicting The Downfall of Donald Trump

The cuban artist, Edel Rodriguez, took his minimalist graphic depiction of a melting Donald a step further on his second version, going from a partial meltdown to a complete meltdown.

(Read TIME creative director D.W. Pine on the impact of Rodriguez’s original image.)

Rodriguez was formerly an international art director for the magazine and has since completed a variety of covers for TIME, including the cover that followed the 2015 attacks on Paris, shown below.

paris attacks TIME cover

The Oct 24th issue mark’s the sixth time — and the fifth since he launched his presidential campaign in June 2016—Trump has been on TIME magazine’s cover.

The Downfall of Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s first appearance on the cover of Time Magazine in 1989