The Artist Whose Minimalist Trump Became A World Icon

edel rodriguez trump illustrations

You may not know him by name, but you know Edel Rodriquez’ artwork. His minimalist iterations of an eyeless orange Trump with yellow hair clad in black suit and red tie have become an internationally recognizable icon. Gracing the covers and editorials of TIME, The Economist, Der Spiegel and other magazines worldwide, Rodriquez has effectively created a visual archive of Trump’s four years in office. Read more

TIME Magazine Depicting The Downfall of Donald Trump

Depicting The Downfall of Donald Trump

TIME magazine asked the illustrator who created the cover for their August 22nd issue to reprise it to reflect the exacerbating anger within the Republican party leadership about their candidate’s behavior. Read more

Edel Rodriguez Illustrates The Mohawk Loop Paper Catalog.

Artist Edel Rodriquez, a former art director for TIME magazine, was commissioned by Tomorrow Partners to create a series of illustrations for a catalog introducing Mohawk Loop, a new line of recycled and environmentally preferable papers, manufactured with windpower and made carbon neutral. Read more