Davide Oppizzi Designs Futuristic Bathroom Series for Graff – The Ametis Collection.

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GRAFF collaborated with Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi of DCube to design their new AMETIS collection (so new, it’s not yet on their website) as well as their trade show booth for the unveiling at the Cersaie show.

The decision to use DCube design, a Geneva‐based company that primarily specializes in the luxury watch industry and in lighting for prestigious fashion brands, was determined by GRAFF’s aim to combine the luxury world with the bathroom sector.

Designer Davide Oppizzi of DCube
Designer Davide Oppizzi of DCube

Thanks to the close partnership with Davide Oppizzi it was possible for GRAFF and DCube to develop the collection AMETIS, a series which distinguishes itself for its elegance and unique shape. In this collection the light becomes part of the product; by changing the faucet into an architectural element and the light into an interior design component (the LED lights change based on the water’s temperature)..

The introduction of GRAFF’s new collections aims to go beyond the interior design borders in order to face new technological challenges with products that widen the functions and designs offered to the consumer.

The Ametis Collection:
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Ametis: a symbol of the fusion between the universe above and the oceans below, is a futuristic ode to high design in the bathroom. Drawing inspiration from experiences that combine the density of water and its colors, the movement of waves, and the experience of exquisite Japanese writing, produced with only a brush gesture – this new collection designed by Davide Oppizzi for GRAFF transforms water, such a precious matter, into a hymn to purity, one that enables you to move closer to the expression of the soul. Every object of the Ametis collection derives from the idea that life is a cycle. Water coming out of the faucet is an inexorable source, by flowing down it becomes inexorably intimate and goes beyond any obstacle.

Ametis is a simple object; at the same time sought‐after – the continuous line of the shower column never stops, the lighting system lightens the faucet features, the solid shapes and dynamic elements melt together harmonically. Made from a hollowed brass bar, which ensures durability, AMETIS is equipped with an electronic system with a coloured ring which changes from red to blue and vice versa depending on changes in the water temperatures.

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The shower column in particular, containing many high‐tech engineering features, integrates a chromo therapy system with RGB LED lighting within the ring, that gives a completely new dimension to the column, thanks to the indirect lighting – still a little used concept in bathroom design.

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“Fluid and sensuous, AMETIS guides the water through the gentle curves of the faucet, providing a visual representation of the idea that life is a cycle” says Davide. I love the faucet design for it’s sculptural quality and the very appropriate use of highly polished chrome that emphasizes the faucet’s shadow play.

The Graff Booth at Cersaie:
GRAFF’s booth at Cersaie was just over 200 square meters (or over 2k square feet), and was the result of a collaboration between GRAFF and DCube Design. DCube Design’s creativity emphasized the aesthetic and innovative contents of this American company whose brand image is one of luxury and precise engineering in the field of luxury bath and kitchen fixtures.

Davide Oppizzi, the designer who founded DCube Design, described the booth project as follows: “We thought about a space having a strong visual impact, being rich in colors, lights and surrounded by a number of the luxury fixtures presented by GRAFF. The booth is a mixture of best‐selling products and new items, which, when seen from different angles – conveys intense emotions.” Oppizzi continued, “On the stage we have multimedia contents and an atmosphere dominated by indirect light: the new lighting concept which emphasizes the technological elements featured by GRAFF`s collections.”

images and info courtesy of GRAFF and Archiproducts