Hitchcock + Lucas = Sci Fi Noir: Darth by Darthwest

darth by darthwest

I love when I find creative combinations of two of my favorite things. So when I came across this nicely done mashup of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 classic North by Northwest with bits from George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise, I was in Sci-Fi Noir heaven.

Darth by Darthwest

French Director, screenwriter, operator and editor Fabrice Mathieu, a big Hitchcock fan and master of the mashup, has just graced us with Vador aux Trosses (Darth by Darthwest)

“Darth by Darthwest”/ “Vador aux trousses”

Starring: Cary Grant
Music by Bernard Herrmann (“North by Northwest”)
Characters and Films created by Alfred Hitchcock and George Lucas.
Films used: “North by Northwest”, “Star Wars” episodes IV, V, VI, VII.
Special thanks to C3PO,R2D2 & BB8!
Edited and Directed by Fabrice Mathieu

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