Creative, Cute, Creepy and Cool Candles from Eye Candle Studio

eye candle studio

You’ve seen novelty candles before. They are usually fun shapes that burn poorly and have no scent. But Eye Candle Studio has taken shaped and molded candles and turned them into stylish, scented, paraffin wax candles and accessories that raise the bar for the category.

Ranging from the macabre (a backbone in a specimen jar) to the adorable (puppy heads) and the creative (candles made to be inserted in ceramic holders), you’ve just got to see them.

Eye Candle Studio

Established in 2012 by two brothers, Eye Candle Studio is based in Taipei and presently has five different product lines. The EYE CANDLES are candles made of paraffin wax and are molded, colored, scented, poured and packaged entirely by hand. The EYE LAB takes the candles into macabre territory by suspending brains, backbones, hearts, skulls and babies in gel and placing them into specimen jars. The JACKS are candles designed to go specifically with ceramic glazed holders, turning them into decorative objects you’ll find tough to burn. The EYE KILN ceramic accessories were designed specifically to accompany their candles (as in the case of The Jacks Collection) or as anatomical plates upon which to place them. And lastly, the Be Candle is a Do-it-yourself kit that includes wax pellets, scent, wick and container.

Ranging from animal heads of all kinds to their best seller, The Crybaby, these are available in various colors, representing different scents.
eye candle animals of all types

Several are available in full color as well as solid colors:
chimp candle painted and solid colors
eye candle puppy set

The Crybaby, once lit, has colored, scented wax of red or blue ooze from the eyes:
Crybaby candle

My personal favorite, these are a combination of colored, scented wax candles and black or white ceramic holders that together create an objet d’art you can burn and replace over and over again. Wax Deer Antlers and Ceramic Deer Head, Wax Rabbit Ears and Ceramic Rabbit Head or Wax Brains and Ceramic Skulls.

the Jacks collection IIHIH
the jacks in white and black
the jacks deer antlers IIHIH
the Jacks collection2 IIHIH

When lit, these candles exhibit a uniquely eerie ambience.
eye lab line IIHIH eye lab collection lit IIHIH

Ceramic plates designed specifically for their candles.
eye kiln plates

The Be Candle
becandle kit

Are you a brand or company who’d like to sell a special edition? They have also created very impressive custom candles for various other brands which you can see here


They sell their Cat Head, Dog Head and Chimpanzee candles on Amazon here

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