Dylan’s Candy Bar Mean Girls Collection

Dylan's candy bar MEAN GIRLS Collection

Just in time for the National Mean Girls Day, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Paramount Pictures have teamed up for a special collection of chocolate, treats and lifestyle products loaded with the movie’s best quotes as well as sugar.


Dylan’s Candy Bar Mean Girls Collection

The collection consists of 15 products ranging from MEAN, MEANER and MEANEST chocolate bars to “YOU GO GLEN COCO” hot chocolate.

chocolate bars and cocoa

Fans of the cult flick will want to gobble up “IS BUTTER A CARB?” Popcorn flavored jelly beans and “Burn Book” cookies. There’s even a “I’M NOT A REGULAR MOM, I’M A COOL MOM” Plastic Wine tumbler packed with jelly beans.

cookies, jelly beans and tumbler

In addition to the sweet stuff, a super fetch cropped tee proclaims “ON WEDNESDAYS WE EAT PINK CANDY”, a hot pink tote bag with the call to action “GET IN LOSER, WE’RE GOING SHOPPING” and even “HER HAIR IS SO BIG BECAUSE IT’S FULL OF SECRETS” hair ties are available.

mean girls dylans tee shirt tote and hair ties

The “EVERYONE IN AFRICA CAN READ SWEDISH” Paint Can will undoubtedly be a hit and who could resist the KALTEEN bars? .

kalteen bar and swedish fish paint can

Certainly not Regina nor I.
regina george shut up


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