The CDC Guidelines to Facial Hair for Face Masks.

CDC guidelines to facial hair for face masks

Regardless of the debate as to whether or not wearing a face mask is an effective measure to helping stop the spread of the Coronavirus, it is a recommendation from the CDC and most state officials that one be worn when out in public during this pandemic. As some men may have already figured out, facial hair can pose a challenge when it comes to wearing a face mask with a filter.

Facial Hair Face Mask Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created these Facial Hair Face Mask guidelines back in 2017 for health care and industry workers wearing tight-fitting face masks with built-in filters or respirators. Although not originally designed for the Covid-19 virus, these recommendations still stand according to the agency.

I love the names of these facial hair configurations and the cute little vector art that illustrates the right from the wrong from the risky. Originally, these were all on one chart (included at the very end of this post), but for ease of understanding, I have broken it into three charts.

The safest and recommended facial hair styles:
Facial Hair Face Mask Guidelines

The “take your life into your own hands” facial hairstyles:
Facial Hair Face Mask Guidelines

The facial hairstyles NOT recommended by the CDC:

The original chart:
original guidelines

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