Christmas Dogs Raggle and Paddy in Bark! The Herald Angels Sing

The world’s cutest Christmas Dogs, Raggle and Paddy, get immortalized in a new book, Bark! The Herald Angels Sing, from Peter Thorpe. The hardcover book features the photographer’s family Christmas cards for the past 27 years in which his adorable dogs were center stage. Read more

Christmas Dogs Paddy and Raggle by Photographer Peter Thorpe

christmas dogs by Peter Thorpe

Christmas Dogs by photographer Peter Thorpe is an adorable series in which he has been dressing up his obliging dogs – first Paddy, then Raggle –  every year for their family Christmas Cards. Both dogs’ patience and star quality combined with Peter’s photography, own handmade props and no Photoshop have made these cards cute, clever and of course, Christmas-y. Read more