Socks Specifically Designed for Art Lovers and Film Buffs

chatty feet socks

While there are plenty of fun novelty socks on the market, ChattyFeet has 20 different designers who create their quirky socks for men, women and children. And they stand-out for being well-designed and better-looking than most.

ChattyFeet Socks

What is really nice about the designs from this UK based company is the artwork appears only on the feet. This means that men can wear them to a conservative workplace with dress shoes and no one is the wiser. They are made in Portugal of 75% Combed Cotton, 23% Polyamide and 2% Elastane so they are very soft but hold their shape. The designs are on both the top and the bottom of the socks.

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They have several fun socks they sell as individual pairs, but their Artist and BadAss Sock Collections are my personal favorites (although I could do without the pun-ny names) and come as gift sets of four pairs.

The Artist Gift Set

Meet Andy Sock-Hole, Feetasso, Frida Callus and Vincent Van Toe.

Andy Sock-Hole (Andy Warhol):

Feetasso (Picasso)- this style is also available for children:

Frida Callus (Frida Khalo):

Vincent Van Toe (Vincent Van Gogh):

As boxed:

The BadAss Gift Set

A collection designed for fans of action films, movie heavies and heroes make up this set:

The Sockfather (The Godfather)- this style is also available for children:

Mambo (Rambo):

Toeminator (The Terminator):

Karate Feet (The Karate Kid)

As boxed:

Wash in low temperature, up to 40°C. Avoid the tumble dryer. Do not iron.
Despite being located in the UK, they ship to the USA within 7-10 working days.

They have several other fun options as well:
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