Midcentury Modern-Inspired Cat Furniture That’s Pricey But Purrrfect.

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I’ve been a dog person for 30 years now. Initially, when getting my first pet, I’d considered a cat. But – and I know how shallow this sounds – I could not handle having any of those hideous shag rug-covered cat condos, scratching towers and litter boxes that were available at that time in my home. Fast forward a few decades and now there’s Tuft+Paw who make beautiful Midcentury Modern-inspired cat furniture that just might have made me cat person.

Midcentury Modern-Inspired Cat Furniture

midcentury modern cat
Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure

I’ll admit that, initially, the prices of these Midcentury Modern-inspired cat products shocked me. I almost coughed up a furball. But Tuft + Paw’s founder, Jackson, clearly felt as I did about the cat furniture already on the market. After adopting a beloved cat in 2016, the products he found were not up to par in terms of style and quality, so he decided to design his own. By focusing on behavioral research, modern design, and quality, the US-based brand created thoughtfully designed products for cats to scratch, climb, play, nap, poop and sleep.

The Haven litterbox enclosure

They are an investment, but your pet is a member of the family and these pieces will last their lifetime (and most likely outlast them). Made of solid wood or premium bent plywood with a veneer, the scratching posts, towers, trees, beds and litter boxes are sophisticated looking, well-made and available in varied neutral colors. Some of these are so pretty they actually can enhance your space as opposed to being an eyesore. Most importantly, they have very good reviews from many satisfied customers, justifying the one time price.

Haven Litter Box Enclosure $699
midcentury modern cat furniture

Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure $699
mcm modern cat furniture

Sprout scratching and perching platform $699
mcm cat tower

Grove Cat Tower $599 (small) and $749 (tall)
modern cat tower

Beckon Cat Bed $249
walnut wood cat bed

Stellar Cat Bed $299
Stellar cat bedstellar cat house in situ

Perch Cat Plateau $199
wall mountable cat bed

Milo Cat Tree $999
modern wood cat treemidcentury modern cat gym

Several of the pieces shown above are available in various woods and wood veneers. Check their site for options. They’ve got many more products – and several less expensive at their online store.

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high end cat furniture
all images courtesy of Tuft+Paw