Her Fairy Godmother Turned Out to Be Her Brother.

This is a great feel-good story that combines love and creativity. Philippine High school student Lu Asey Keanna Malik couldn’t afford a gown for her Prom Night. Ballgowns are required for the dance and even the cost of renting one was prohibitive. Luckily for her, she happens to have a generous and talented brother, Mave (short for Maverick), who stepped in to become her Fairy Godmother by designing and whipping up a ballgown that left she and her friends speechless.

Brother Makes Prom Dress for Sister

Brother Makes Prom Dress for Sister
Lu Asey in the ballgown her brother made for her.

Despite having a Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education, Maverick Francisco Oyao is not a fashion designer. After browsing YouTube and Google for types of gowns, Mave found he was especially inspired by the couture dresses from designer Michael Cinco and drew up a sketch for his sister. The sketch of the gown and the story started to get some traction on the internet and soon, with some financial help from friends and sponsors to provide materials and resources, Mave brought the gown to fruition in little over a week and a half – and in time for the Winter Ball.

Mave’s sketch of the gown

Thanks to Mave’s Facebook post, here are photos of the process and the final gown as worn by his proud and grateful sister.

His sister’s first fitting

His sister in the finished gown

All images courtesy of Maverick Francisco Oyao and Lu Asey Keanna Malik