This Caged Bird Sings. And Provides Light. Meet JinGoo.

jingoo light and speakers

In Chinese folk tales, the pure white JinGoo is a White Hwamei, which symbolizes good luck and fortune. Moreover, songbirds can be found in stories all over the world. This is the inspiration behind DAQI‘s JinGoo.

JinGoo Bluetooth Speaker and Light

JinGoo Bluetooth Speaker and Light
JinGoo bluetooth speaker and lamp. Learn more at if it's hip, it's here

What looks like a mechanical bird in a birdcage is actually a speaker that can be easily paired with your devices. Its high quality sound performance is created by the tweeter and woofer drivers in its design. In addition, the bird provides ambient lighting, a warm glow that can be used as a nightlight or accent light.

JinGoo bluetooth speaker and lamp. Learn more at if it's hip, it's here

“What is this?” said the emperor.
“Can there be such a beautiful bird in my kingdom, even in my garden, and I not know of it?” ― Hans Christian Andersen, The Nightingale


The Sound of Music
jingoo lamp and speaker with diagram

The low frequency woofer speaker is positioned in the base structure. These sound waves are reflected by the ceramic tail of the bird and together with sound waves from the tweeter, in the bird’s body, create a wide stereo effect.

Match JinGoo with your mobile devices to play the beautiful sound of music.

Crafted Works of Art
jingoo light and speakers3
Craftsmen have applied traditional skills to the firing of fine china for the delicate bird body and to the molding of the metal cage structure, which is built without obstructive and vertical support. Each JinGoo bird is born and put together by warm and caring hands.

Solid Wood Base
wooden base
JinGoo’s wooden base is made from the Acacia tree native to Taiwan, and is processed with specialized kiln drying techniques from an experienced Japanese sensei to preserve the natural patterns and textures of the high-quality solid wood material.

jingoo light and speakers JinGoo Bluetooth Speaker and Light JinGoo Bluetooth Speaker and Light

• Battery lifetime (Wireless Version Only): >15hrs of music and light
• Battery capacity (Wireless Version Only): Li-ion rechargeable / 4800mAh
• Amplifier power: 5W
• Drivers: One 23.5mm tweeter and one 45mm woofer
• Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
• Signal-to-noise Ratio: >75dB
• Sensitivity: 82dB/1m/1W
• Dimensions : 180x180x280 mm
• Material: Plastic/metal/ceramic/wood
• Bluetooth version: 4.0
• Bluetooth transmitter frequency range: 2.402GHz – 2.480GHz
• Wireless range: 10M
• 3-Way light level control

JinGoo Bluetooth Speaker and Light
Presently looking for backers on IndieGoGo, you can learn more about JinGoo here.

About DAQI
The name DAQI is taken from a Chinese saying and means to take time to become great and mature, to emphasize that the best things in life require more dedication. This philosophy is aligned to our belief that design is not made up out of thin air, but rather comes from a process of repetitive experiments and revisions. DAQI CONCEPT INC., was founded in Taiwan in July, 2015 by a team of product designers and the DAQI CONCEPT lifestyle and home product brand was introduced in the same year.

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