This Caged Bird Sings. And Provides Light. Meet JinGoo.

jingoo light and speakers

In Chinese folk tales, the pure white JinGoo is a White Hwamei, which symbolizes good luck and fortune. Moreover, songbirds can be found in stories all over the world. This is the inspiration behind DAQI‘s JinGoo. Read more

Michael Young Designs the Brionvega WEARiT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Brionvega WEARiT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Industrial designer Michael Young and Italian audio brand Brionvega have collaborated to design a stylish, small, wearable and portable bluetooth speaker. Read more

The Death Star Bluetooth Speaker Is A Must Have for Star Wars Fans.

star wars death star speaker in use IIHIH

Introducing the Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth Speaker from iHome. Read more