Graff Unveils The Most Valuable, And Quite Possibly The Ugliest, Watch In The World.

Graff Hallucination Watch

At this year’s Baselworld, the annual horology show, The Graff Hallucination Watch unseated Hublot as the world’s most expensive watch.

Graff Hallucination Watch

The $5 Million Hublot above previously held the title for the World’s Most Expensive Watch

Graff Diamonds, who prior to this year has never before participated in Baselworld, unveiled the Hallucination, a 110 carat multi-colored diamond Ladies wristwatch valued at $55 million USD
Graff Hallucination watch hero IIHIH

Hallucination watch 1 IIHIH

world's ugliest and most expensive watch

Called a “Sculptural masterpiece that celebrates the miracle of coloured diamonds” by company chairman Laurence Graff, the watch took gemologists, designers and craftsmen had spent thousands of hours to get the watch right. “For many years I have thought about creating a truly remarkable watch that illustrates our all consuming passion for diamonds. The Hallucination has made my diamond dream a reality.” said the Chairman of the British company.

Graff hallucination

graff ladies watches

The concept of the Hallucination watch came directly from Laurence Graff and was created with Graff’s highly skilled team of designers, gemologists and Master Craftsmen.

Graff Diamonds Chairman Laurence Graff in front of the hallucination window display at the Graff Booth at 2014 Baselworld.

Graff Diamonds