Bombay Sapphire’s New Ad Campaign is Projected & Infused with Imagination.

A new tv commercial and an augmented reality projection for Bombay Sapphire gin have launched as part of their Infuse Your Imagination campaign. The campaign is born out of the rich heritage and story of the product itself; infusion is linked to the innovative production process of Vapour Infusion used in the making of the gin and imagination relates to the brand’s story, from the launch of the pioneering blue bottle to the botanicals that give Bombay Sapphire its unique, balanced and uplifting taste.

Bombay Sapphire Infuse your Imagination

Bombay Sapphire Infuse your Imagination

“Project Your Imagination” on London’s Battersea Power Station:

The London Landmark Battersea Power Station was illuminated Wednesday night in a rainbow of changing colors as part of an ambitious £100,000 3D projection coinciding with a new ad campaign, ‘Infused with Imagination,’ from Bombay Sapphire.

The imaginative design was created by Erjola Veliaj from Albania following a global competition by Bombay Sapphire and an image of the winner herself was projected onto the building in honor of her contribution. The first chapter in a new global campaign from Bombay Sapphire, ‘Infused with Imagination,’ the imagination installation is a specifically commissioned three-dimensional visual artwork representing the essence and character of Bombay Sapphire.

Working with some of the world’s best creatives to make the 3D spectacular projection come alive, Erjola saw her imagination become a reality at Battersea Power Station, the first of a series of 3D installations to be projected on iconic buildings in various cities around the world. The technique involved in the projection, being coined ‘4D’ by its producers, was unique to most as rather than being stereoscopic, it employed 3D lighting, CGI technology and the architecture of the building itself to produce a stunning depth.

If you never saw first their wonderful augmented reality projection, from 2010, “Project Your Imagination”, take a look at this:

The “Infuse Your Imagination” television commercial:

Bombay Sapphire Infuse your Imagination 

Inspired by the word ‘Infused’ and constructed using the unique imagination of a design team including up-and-coming illustrator Yehrin Tong and renowned photographer, Richard Foster, the Imagination Installation is a dramatic but elegant testimonial to the brand in Tong’s distinctive illustrative style.

Incorporating elements that represent the product, the 3D piece has been intricately created with over 75,000 sparkling crystals, all meticulously applied by hand and taking over 2,500 hours to fashion. The installation embodies the timeless elegance, luxury and craftsmanship of Bombay Sapphire.


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