The Joy of Paintings’ Bob Ross Reaches Legendary Status.

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Bob Ross, the afro-donning, soft-spoken, nature-loving PBS painter of Little Clouds and Happy Trees has moved beyond a cultural icon to a world-wide phenomena. Equally mocked and revered, he was the 25-year long host of The Joy of Painting, TV’s most popular, most watched instructional art show. And now, as if reaching the Tipping Point, a bunch of brands are offering products and apparel inspired by him.

His image and name are so prevalent lately that not everyone knows he died more than two decades ago in 1995. A mass-marketing machine, there are serious Bob Ross-branded products such as a line of paints, brushes, easels and a wide range of instructional materials, including books (over 5 million in print), packets, videos, an art club and interactive web site.

Beyond his instructional art, he is known for his many inspirational quotes such as “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” But proof that he’s achieved legendary icon status is the latest slew of trendy products inspired by Bob Ross – from Funko’s new vinyl figure to a new Chia Pet to a new Coloring Book.

Bob Ross-Inspired Products

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The Bob Ross Funko Vinyl Figure

The Bob Ross Chia Pet

The Official Bob Ross Coloring Book

Bob Ross Bobblehead:With Sound

Bob Ross Giant Face Apparel by Beloved Shirts:

There’s even a Bob Ross hipster knit hat with one of his many catch phrases: “Happy Little Trees”

Cotton Bob Ross Socks for men or women:

Custom Bob Ross Lego Minifig by MountainofAwesome:

Bob Ross 500 piece Seasonal Puzzles: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Bob Ross Official 2018 Wall Calendar:The Joy of Painting

PeachyApricot designs official mugs, keychains and more for Bob Ross.

Bob Ross T-Shirts
As you might expect there are TONS of Bob Ross T-Shirts between Amazon and Etsy. Some offocially licensed, some not. Here are a few of my favorites.

Famous Awesome Painter Bob Fucking Ross T-Shirt from IdiotGenius:

Bob Ross And Chill Officially Licensed Red Unisex T-Shirt

See tons more Bob Ross inspired T-Shirts here

About Bob Ross:

A native of Orlando, Florida, Bob Ross began painting at the age of 18 when he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Alaska. He took various art courses at universities and colleges, and after seeing Bill Alexander on television, he developed and personalized his very own quick and unique Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique®.

In 1981, Bob began touring the U.S. to teach his painting style, when one of his students was profoundly struck by his charisma in the classroom. “I saw and felt magic happening,” Annette Kowalski explains, “and asked myself, was there a way to share this joy with everyone?” A business partnership was formed – the Bob Ross Company – an active, thriving behind-the-scenes organization that today celebrates over 25 years of operation.

The first of his low-budget, unrehearsed and unedited Joy of Painting programs aired in 1982; twenty-five years and 403 shows later, The Joy of Painting is still the most popular, most watched art show, if not “how-to” program, on television.

Bob is proud of the fact that while art has traditionally been accessible to only a select few, his technique is for everyone. Almost 3,000 traveling certified instructors teach daily local Bob Ross painting classes in the United States and in other countries.

The Joy of Painting is carried by nearly 95% of all public television stations throughout the United States, accessing more than 93.5 million households, and is broadcast in foreign countries as well; Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Costa Rica and Canada, with inquiries emerging from other countries too.

Ross retired the show shortly before he died of cancer in 1995, but for a little over a year now, a new archival episode of The Joy Of Painting has been uploaded to his official YouTube channel each and every day.

There are SO many Bob Ross-inspired products hitting the shelves, we made a Bob Ross Pinterest Board for you!

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