The 2020 National Gingerbread House Competition Grand Prize Winner

The 2020 National Gingerbread House Competition Grand Prize Winner

The Omni at Grove Park Inn has announced the Grand Prize Winner of the 2020 National Gingerbread House Competition and we’ve got a ton of great pics of the impressive 360° creation for you. Read more

Blondie + Rye Raises The Bread Baking Bar.

blondie + rye artisan bread
Blondie + Rye, sourdough bread – 30% spelt with honey, at 78% hydration.

One of the most bizarre quarantine phenomena has been the bread baking taking place all over this country. Pictures of perfectly browned Boules permeate Instagram and Facebook feeds and the run on sourdough starters and hard-to-find flour have made national news. Read more

Sweet or Savory, Lauren Ko’s Pies and Tarts Are Modern Art

lokokitchen pies and tarts

Seattle based Lauren Ko says she bakes for fun, but one look at her pies and tarts and it’s hard to believe she’s not baking for a museum. The self-taught San Diego born Ko of Lokokitchen has been an Instagram star ever since her very first pie pic post received over 600 likes in hours. Now, with over 315,000 followers she’s got a new book coming out in the Fall. Read more

This $625 Book About Bread Is Worth The Dough.

Modernist Bread: The Art and Science Book Set

Bread. One of the largest and most important staples of the human diet. Who doesn’t love it? So many types, so many flavors, so many origins. Now, there’s a set of the most comprehensive books ever written on the subject -Modernist Bread: The Art and Science Book Set – only the suggested $625 price tag ($554 on Amazon) may be a little hard to digest. Read more

These Are NOT Handbags, These Are Cakes.

bohnhoff and kent purse cakes

I’ve seen a lot of cake art, but these take the….well, you know. What look strikingly like chic clutch purses aren’t purses at all. They are incredible, entirely edible purse-shaped cakes that are completely fondant-free, preservative-free and made with only the finest, real ingredients. Read more

Kama Sutra Cookies, Cookie Cutters and Lovesick Recipes

These gingerbread cookies are probably not what your grandmother made for the holiday season, unless you’ve got a very liberal granny. Designed by Swedish company Pipparkakan, the Kama Sutra cookie cutters were actually made way back in 2007 and were featured on Gizmodo, and lots of other gadget and nerd sites. Read more