Bioshock Infinite Replica Vigor Bottles and Package Design by Zoe Brookes.


Zoë Brookes of Boston is a RISD Graduate who worked as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator in the Marketing Department at Irrational Games, developer of BioShock Infinite, an award winning first person shooter game. Prior to leaving the company about a year ago, Zoe created much of the beautiful branding and packaging for Irrational Games under the creative direction of Ken Levine, which included a series of Bioshock Infinite Replica Vigor Bottles and their boxes.

Bioshock Infinite Replica Vigor Bottles

bioshock infinite replica vigor bottles IIHIH

With a hefty price tag of $350 each for the unsigned bottles (or signed versions for $600), the collectibles are available through Irrational Games’ online store

Utilizing in-game slogans and icon designs, the Vigor Bottle Packages were created to evoke vintage containers from the early 1900s. Zoë worked with the concept artist, Robb Waters, in the creation of the Undertow, Possession, and Bucking Bronco bottles (scaling, paint, materials, etc.) as well as the packaging. The Devil’s Kiss and Murder of Crows were released before Zoe could design packaging for them, so she designed them retroactively and Irrational Games made them available for free download.

The Bioshock Infinite Undertow Vigor Replica Bottle & Box

Undertow was the first vigor box Zoe designed. In her words it was “definitely inspired by one of the first liquor bottles I fancied–the Bombay Sapphire bottle. Similarly to the Ultimate Songbird box, I designed the corners and edges to look a little worn, so that any slight damage incurred while shipping wouldn’t stand out (much). The typography for ‘Undertow’ was inspired by the ‘Voxophone’ advertisement in-game.”

The BioShock Infinite Devil’s Kiss Vigor Replica Bottle & Box

The BioShock Infinite Possession Vigor Replica Bottle & Box.

The BioShock Infinite Murder of Crows Vigor Replica Bottle & Box

The BioShock Infinite Bucking Bronco Replica Bottle & Box

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bioinfinite custom vigor bottles by zoe brookes IIHIH

Zoë now works for Riot Games and you can see more of her wonderful work on Behance and at