FUGU – Revolutionary Expandable Luggage Goes From Check-In To Carry On

Fugu expandable luggage

Ever wish it were a carry-on bag on your way there and after buying things at your destination, a check-in bag on the way back? That’s just one of the features of this new revolutionary suitcase from FUGU that can transform from a carry-on to a full-size check-in, act as a closet, a table and more.

Fugu Expandable Luggage

Fugu Expandable Luggage
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Successfully funded on kickstarter, Fugu is the travel brand of Anyvention, an invention company which specializes in simple solutions for common needs in Airport City, Israel. Anyvention has been active since 2013 and Fugu Luggage is their first product. Aiming to give everyone the choice to check in when traveling, Fugu is meant to be the first of many other practical travel products, which Anyvention is hoping will make everyone’s life easier in the short and long term.

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FUGU LUGGAGE’s dual dimensions are as follows: in its carry-on form, the suitcase measures 52cm (length) x 39cm (width) x 19cm (height); in its expanded check-in form, FUGU LUGGAGE measures 52cm (length) x 39cm (width) x 75cm (height).

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FUGU LUGGAGE includes built-in shelves that can be attached or removed at any point. The shelves enable the suitcase to double as a storage unit, eliminating the need to unpack into a hotel closet and then later repack. The FUGU shelves have the added bonus of keeping your belongings neat and tidy throughout your journey.

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The FUGU LUGGAGE suitcase’s height and width make it ideal for use as a portable table or stand.This gives travelers many options when on the go, and can be used to make long waits at the airport more bearable.

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FUGULUGGAGE is made even more convenient for the average consumer through its inclusion of a removable laptop case that can easily be inserted or taken out of the suitcase while one is traveling. Furthermore, FUGU’s internal pump, used to expand the walls of the suitcase, is ideal for the deflation of vacuum bags, making traveling an easier and more compact experience for travelers.



The FUGU LUGGAGE suitcase is made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a synthetic plastic polymer, polypropylene sheets,and polyester strings. These materials are bound together using drop stitch technology.Both the strong materials and the strength of the technology that binds them together enable the suitcase to successfully pass an altitude crash test. Drop stitch technology is the same technology used in the production of inflatable boats and surfboards. Its use enable the walls of the suitcase to be strong enough to withstand heavy abuse without incurring damage. The inflated walls can thus withstand extreme pressure without moving or losing equilibrium and ensure that the suitcase stays strong even when it falls or gets knocked over.


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FUGU LUGGAGE can expand from the maximum carry-on size to the maximum check-in size. While providing maximal space inside, when FUGU is in compact mode. it adheres to the maximum dimensions, allowable for carry-on by FAA regulations. In its expanded size, FUGU also complies with the maximum size for check-in. FUGU LUGGAGE’s dual dimensions are as follows: in its carry-on form, the suitcase measures 52cm(length) x 39cm(width) x 19cm(height); in its expanded check-in form, FUGU LUGGAGE measures 52cm(length) x 39cm(width) x 75cm(height) LOW WEIGHT FUGU LUGGAGE’s overall weight will be less than 5 kilograms, both in its expanded and collapsed forms, which is significantly less than the average large suitcase. To give you a comparison, Samsonite’s Hyperspace 30.5″ spinner luggage weight 6.21 kilograms, and tumi’s short trip expandable wheeled packing Case weights 14.7 kilograms!


FUGU LUGGUAGE not only provides consumers with choice and comfort while traveling,but also saves storage space at home.When in its collapsed form, FUGU takes up half to a third of the space that a regular suitcase does (this depends on the model of suitcase you used to own). If you own two FUGU suitcases, you will save the equipment of two to three full sized suitcases,or one to two carry-ones.


When your suitcase moves around  during travels, thrown around by airline personnel, the buil-in FUGU shelves prevent your belonging from moving around too much and keep them tidy, while the walls of the suitcase protect the items with their shock absorbing padding. Additionally, the suitcase’s exterior is made from waterproof materials,which protect your belongings from rainwater and other liquids that one encounters while traveling.

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Fugu Luggage is now available for pre-order at special reduced prices. Shop for Fugu Luggage here