Best-Looking Umbrella Stands for Indoors or Out.

best looking umbrella stands

Here in Los Angeles we’ve been battered by non-stop rains for the past several weeks, so it’s no wonder we began thinking beyond boots and slickers and started looking for attractive, well-designed and interesting umbrella holders (if you say “umbrella stands” to a Californian, they’re likely to think patio umbrellas). As we searched through the myriad of ugly ones, we came across some really fun and well-designed umbrella caddies for home or work.

Great-Looking Umbrella Holders

Mind you, there are tons of unattractive umbrella stands on the market. We’ve ever only blogged about one; these gorgeous Deer and Crane stands by Taiwan’s Liberte Design Studio.

liberte crane and deer umbrella holders on IIHIH
The crane and deer umbrella holders we previously featured

But between the giant heavy ceramic cylinders, plastic Rubbermaid-types or awful metal lattice and mesh designs, it’s not easy to find a decent looking one that will hold a number of umbrellas and keep your floors from getting wet.

shark head Umbrella Rack Stands
These shark-shaped umbrella stands are some of the few that caught our attention

Figural or form, here are our picks for the best umbrella stands, holders or caddies for your home or office that we could find on Amazon. While there are many to choose from on the site, in terms of design, we found less than 20 we really liked. When we say “best’ we mean in terms of aesthetics and conception rather than engineering – since we have not tried all of these. However we did look for those that either have a drip tray or are water-proof and rustproof.

Gold or Silver Rain boots Umbrella Stand
Umbrella Stand boots gold or silver

Am adorable pair of rain boots, Wellies or galoshes are made of waterproof resin come in a gold or silver finish and are adorable indoors or out.

umbrella stand gold rainboots
Buy the gold ones here
Buy the silver ones here

Another variation on the above are made of glazed ceramic, less defined and come in glossy white or gold.

white and gold ceramic rainboots umbrella holders
Buy them here

The Seletti Milo Umbrella Stand
Seletti Milo umbrella stand in situ

Designed by BLOW for Seletti, the Milo Umbrella Stand brings a little classical Greek art to your space. Made of water-proofed fiberglass, she stands 20″ tall.

seletti milo umbrella stand on white
buy it here

Modern Clean Umbrella Buckets
cone shaped iron umbrella stands

These sturdy and durable metal umbrella stands have a baked-on waterproof and rustproof finish. A simple silhouette of an umbrella itself, they are modern, clean and functional.

modern metal umbrella stand

The cone-shaped buckets work indoors or out and is available in 3 color variations.

simple elegant gold umbrella holder
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Shark Umbrella Stands
plastic shark umbrella stand black

The Sharks head umbrella stand from China is available in either a colored plastic version or a more expensive chrome-plated version in Silver or Black.

silver chrome shark umbrella stand IIHIH

Both are non-slip, waterproof and a novel way to store umbrellas or other items.
blackened chromed shark umbrella holder IIHIH
Buy the chromed version here

plastic shark umbrella stands in colors
Buy the plastic version here

Umbra Bellwood Umbrella Stands
This umbrella caddy from Umbra’s really nice Bellwood collection combines steel and bent wood in two versions. Black or white, it has four slots for tall umbrellas and two hooks inside the upper ring for small umbrellas.

umbra bellwood umbrella stand in black

Designed by Jordan Murphy for Umbra, there’s a black and walnut wood version or a powder-coated white and natural wood version.

umbra bellwood umbrella stand in white

The stand has a waterproof resin base and measures 8 ¾ diameter by 27 inches tall, fitting neatly into multiple spaces with ease.

umbra bellwood umbrella stands on white IIHIH
Buy the White/Natural version here
Buy the Black/Walnut version here

Torre & Tagus Notable Owl Umbrella Stand
torre tagus notable owl ummbrella stand in situ

The chess piece-inspired bespectacled Owl umbrella stand is handcrafted by artisans so no two will be identical. Made of white ceramic, he measures 9″ diameter by 20.5″ tall.

white ceramic owl umbrella stand
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Anti-slip Indoor Umbrella Storage
indoor umbrella storage

This minimalistic plastic stand may not be beautiful but it stays put and can easily be tucked away into a corner and put away when not needed. Suitable for all types of umbrellas as well as walking canes, wrapping paper or brooms.

 minimal stand for umbrellas

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