Whitepod’s Eco-Friendly Four Themed Luxury Suites

Whitepod's Eco-Friendly Four Luxury Suites

We introduced you to the Switzerland’s exclusive Whitepod Resort & Spa when it first opened in 2011. At that time, the idea of staying in a geodesic dome tent was a new thing and the private ski resort was on the forefront.

Whitepod’s Luxury Igloo Suites

WHITEPOD timeless suite igloo pod

When we last featured the Whitepod, it had 15 private geodesic pods that resembled igloos anchored on wooden platforms, a recently built spa, a central chalet and private skiing for the guests.

ZEN suite geodesic dome whitepod

Flash forward 12 years later and the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel, as it’s now called, has added four “Pod Suites”, luxury versions of their geodesic domes, to their other accommodations. The Zen Suite, The Forest Suite, The Swiss Suite and the Audemars Piguet Timeless Suite.

Forest suite whitepod hero IIHIH

Each of these high-end domes is elegantly appointed in a different style and has its own private sauna and bath. On par with the most beautiful hotel suites, you’l find it hard to believe you’re in a tent of any kind.

The Zen Suite
Designed by Montalba Architects, the Zen suite has a Japanese decor and vibe designed for serene relaxation. The room is finished with warm woods, a sunken bed, a Japanese tub, sauna, private shower  and amazing views.

whitepod zen suite igloo pod

The Forest Suite
Stay amongst a forest of birch trees, snoozing in your hammock or lying in your cozy nest. The Forest Suite with its nature scheme and tree trunk furniture is so cute that nearby woodland creatures may come visit. It also has an enormous luxurious private bath and private sauna.

whitepod forest suite ski resort switzerland

The Swiss Suite
For those who want to reconcile pod and chalet, discover a typically Swiss atmosphere where even Heidi would feel at home. Between the rough hewn woods, bells, private bath and private sauna, you can almost hear the yodeling.

swiss suite geodesic dome whitepod resort

The Timeless Suite
Timeless Suite was made in collaboration with Audemars Piguet watchmakers. It includes a
welcome butler, private outdoor hot tub, private sauna, champagne welcome, Wine and local drinks and a WC and bathroom equipped with Gjosa shower heads, allowing water savings of up to 65%

whitepod Timeless suite

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

all images courtesy of Whitepod.