The Balluga Bed, A Smart Interactive Bed That Has You Sleeping On Balls of Air.

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A brand new and visionary company has unveiled a truly revolutionary bed that they claim will totally redefine our sleep experience.

Balluga Limited was selected to participate on the British Inventors Project stand, and its invention, the Balluga Smart Interactive bed, was revealed at the Gadget Show Live in April 2014. Thanks to its patented air ball system, it will not only be like sleeping on air, but at the preferred temperature and ideal firmness.

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The Balluga® bed has been called “The Future Of Sleep”. The brainchild of product innovator, Joe Katan, the hi-tech bed started as a concept in 2006. With a background in manufacturing, Joe was disappointed with the design of traditional beds as they offered no adjustment and they deteriorated with age causing pain and discomfort.

Air-Cell Suspension System
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After considering many alternative solutions, Joe invented a revolutionary new bed that would not only be resistant to wear, but would remain “As New” for its entire life cycle. The Balluga® air-cell suspension system is the patented design that accomplishes this goal and can be incorporated into any bed, sofa or chair design.

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This incredible invention is an advanced sleep system, with adjustable firmness control to provide the highest level of support and comfort. Unlike traditional mattresses, it has layers of hygienic air-filled cells that are designed to mould perfectly to the shape of your body. This revolutionary system not only provides the perfect sleep position but also is hygienic – the air-filled cells are easily cleaned ensuring there is no chance of termites or other unhygienic events associated with traditional beds.

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above: Inventor Joe Katan with his patented Air-cell suspension system

Seeing the potential of combining his unique design with the expansion of the “Smart” Tech industry, Joe has designed a range of beds using modern materials and advanced technology to launch the first Balluga® Interactive Smart Bed.

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balluga-smart-bed-app on phone
above: the Belluga app allows you control over its many systems via your mobile phone (image courtesy of

Climate Control, Vibro-Massage, Ambient Lighting, Retractable Monitor, Wall-projection, I-Tunes Synching and Automated Storage. It can even monitor your Home Security System.

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By combining modern materials and advanced technology, the Balluga bed incorporates built in climate control and vibro-massage systems along with other interactive features for the ultimate sleep environment, including monitoring the security of your house, syncing your iTunes, providing ambient lighting and even offering a docking station for an e-reader. It can also project e-books or any other content onto the ceiling. Moreover, it can be programmed to wake its owner up in the idyllic setting of choice – which will be projected onto the wall.

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Furthermore, another smart aspect of the Balluga bed allows for different settings between partners, enabling each individual to enjoy their preferred firmness, temperature and multimedia. It can also tell when its inhabitant is asleep, and so to switch of the e-reader or iPad.

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Balluga® Features
• Adjustable zone firmness setting
• Computer-controlled pressure-sensitive suspension
• Therapeutic massage while you sleep
• Built-in climate control
• Night-time illuminated access
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to mobile Apps
• Balluga App used to control all aspects of your sleep experience
• Saved App settings can be used with any other Balluga bed
• App synchronisation with all media files and video game consoles
• Built-in Surround Sound audio system
• Built-in projector for viewing TV , Video files and CCTV monitoring
• Built-in interconnected Wi-Fi emergency fire & smoke detector alarms
• Remote suspension profile setting and monitoring for medical use

The site, VeryFirstTo, has been selected to launch the Balluga bed, which will be available on the site later this year. Balluga has patents for Europe and the USA, and pre-orders are scheduled from November 2014, with delivery in the first quarter of 2015. The price for the bed is expected to be around $1000.

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