Meet The Policosmos Animal Families and the Pop-Ups They Live In.

policosmos animal families

Together, these beautifully simple animal toys and the cardboard interactive pop-up environments for them are as elegant as they are creative. Read more

The 10 Hippest Modern Designer Rocking Horses On The Market

modern designer rocking horses

Sure, you’ve seen a lot of very cool-looking versions of the traditional childhood toy, the Rocking Horse. But so many of them are just conceptual designs that it’s a big disappointment for those actually looking to buy one. Read more

The Womby Rocking Cradle Reproduces A Mother’s Heartbeat and Voice Vibrations.

Valsecchi Womby Cradle3 IIHIH

A musical bassinet designed to help infants adjust to the post-birth acoustic and environment change by reproducing the sound of the mother’s heartbeat through drums and the vibration of the mother’s voice through sound cords. Read more

Bugaboo + Andy Warhol For The Pop Art-Loving Baby

andy warhol bugaboo banana hero IIHIH

Baby stroller company Bugaboo has collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation again, this time creating a stoller that utilizes a textile from Warhol’s iconic print created in 1966 that was chosen to adorn the first album cover of The Velvet Underground and Nico. Read more

Meet Zoey and Jasper, An Adorable Pet Project by Photographer Grace Chon.

Grace Chon's Zoey and Jasper

Art director turned commercial photographer Grace Chon specializes in animals, lifestyle and celebrities with their pets. Grace, who confesses to having dressed her dogs in ridiculous clothes for years, turned into a baby-hat fanatic once she gave birth to her son Jasper. It wasn’t long before she realized that, not only do the hats look cute on her adorable child, but they looked pretty darn sweet on her shy rescue dog Zoey as well. Read more

A $16.3 Million Solid Gold Bassinet and Luxury Cribs For The Insanely Indulged Infant.

Suommo-Dodo-solid-gold1 IIHIH

Dear Celine Dion… just kidding. But clearly I’m hanging out with the wrong crowd because I don’t know many -if any- parents who can spoil their kids with products like these. Baby furniture and accessories company Suommo, who I first introduced you to in 2010 with their modern white baby furnishings, is now touting themselves as ‘luxury for baby’ with fewer products, but far fancier ones- all designed by Ximo Talamantes. Read more

Rocking or Rolling, Gloria Lavi’s Bassinets Are Beautiful For Baby.

Hand made in Germany, the Cruiser and the Dreamer bassinets designed by Gloria Lavi represent a synthesis of organic design and excellent craftsmanship. Read more

If I Were A Baby, Here’s How I’d Like To Roll. The Aston Martin X Silver Cross Surf Carriage.

aston martin x silver cross surf carriage

Launching in April is one special, and pricey (£2000), baby carriage. The Surf Aston Martin Edition Pram, a collaboration between luxury sports car brand Aston Martin and high-end baby brand Silver Cross, will be issued in a strictly limited edition of 800 and sold exclusively through Harrod’s. Read more