The Hypo-Allergenic Baby Bubble Bed Is So Cute, It May Induce Pregnancy.

Baby Bubble Bed

Snug as a bug in a …. bubble. A crib design ought not to be the impetus for getting pregnant, but this one comes awfully close. Read more

Babycotpod Introduces Even More Modern Magnificence For Baby. Badass Bassinets and Cool Cradles and Cribs.

Babycotpod products

When I first introduced you to Babycotpod and their first product, the Cascara, the company had just begun and their first product was not yet on the market. Since then, the handmade bassinet launched in May of this year and was refined to include new colors and patterns. Also new to Babycotpod is another modern bassinet (The Nuna) and The Metro Swinging Crib. Soon to be added to the collection are add-ons for the Cascara, a rocker and the Me Me Crib. Read more

The Baby C Cradle – A Modern Walnut Wood-Lined Womb For Infants.

The Baby C is a modern cradle inspired by the warm, closed environment of a mother’s womb. With a polyethylene shell and a walnut wood interior, the cradle comes with a specially designed mattress:

earlier in the design progress:

Designed by Dripta Roy, co-founder of Puur Design Studio. Available in Europe this fall for €2650 + taxes, by winter in North America—can be pre-ordered at

Baby Cradle Becomes Two Rockers When It’s No Longer Needed.

Designer Martin Price, a 2009 graduate from Central Saint Martin with a First-Class Honours Degree in BA Product Design, came up with the idea to design and craft a baby cradle that when outgrown or no longer useful can actually be sawn in half to become two functional rocking chairs.

The result is surprisingly attractive – both the cradle and the rockers are elegant and attractive pieces, each on their own as opposed to looking piece-meal.

The project grew out of his research and dissertation about looking into people’s attachment to their possessions and understanding how they use objects to trigger memories of events and stories in their lives.

The piece was created in his workshop using ash wood with a foam mattress:

The computer rendering:

The inspiration:

Martin lives and works in Brighton and is presently working as an intern for Roger Arquer.

See more of Martin’s work here.

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