Audi Design Strikes A Chord With A Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano

Audi Bosendorfer Piano

In the past, I wrote about the unusual and amazing pianos of Schimmel and Bosendorfer. Now, Bosendorfer and Audi Design have collaborated to bring us a modern sleek and beautiful Audi Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano.

Audi Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano

At a price of approximately $139,027.90 USD (subject to change), the Audi Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano will be unveiled July 16th at the celebration of Audi’s centenary.

from the press release:
The Audi Design Studio team in Munich decided to tackle the task of housing a concert grand piano in an Audi “outer skin”.

The question was: where to start? How could Audi’s design philosophy be interpreted for a grand piano – an instrument with a closely defined form and function? An active process began, during which the designers came up with a surprising number of design approaches.

The team from Design naturally cooperated closely with the specialists at Bösendorfer, since Audi itself is clearly not in a position to build grand pianos.

Bösendorfer, on the other hand, has stood for excellent quality and correspondingly good acoustics since 1828. For Audi, the top priority was not to exert any adverse influence on the instrument’s sound.

In the end, the Audi designers walked this tightrope with success. Although various elements directly associated with the case of the piano were modified, the acoustics were unaffected. But the Audi Design grand piano is certainly “different”, even at first glance. “Generous surface areas ensure formal clarity; there are no decorative applications, the edges and lines are sharply drawn, the joints logically positioned. All these are important aspects of the Audi design,” says Designer Philip Schlesinger, who implemented the project at the Concept Design Studio in Munich. One of the most striking features is the lid, which extends without a break down to the base – an Audi innovation that yields a large, one-piece surface.

See for yourself:
Audi Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano

From above, the lid is seen to be recessed into the main case. In the side view, the elegant curve of the treble side is not interrupted by a joint line. The underside of the case is allowed to rise moderately at the rear, away from the performer. This is an optical device: “It draws the observer’s attention subtly to the pianist,” Schlesinger explains. To reduce the sense of weight on the treble side, a slim aluminum-look leg is used. The same simple style with its hint of the technical world is applied to the pedal lyre.

Audi Bosendorfer

The keyboard has no wings at the ends. In the same spirit of purist design, the designers have concealed the hinges in the lid above the keyboard. The lid itself can be opened at an unobtrusively integrated handle.

Audi Bosendorfer

Audi Bosendorfer

Another Audi idea is to be found directly beneath the keyboard – one that does away with the risk of bruised or scratched knees: “The lower front edge of the keyboard housing and the beam used to make it more rigid have been rounded off. This new outline is distinctly better from an ergonomic point of view: it protects the pianist’s knees,” says Schlesinger.

When the main lid has been raised and secured with the two-position metal prop, the interior catches the eye immediately.


Whereas the classic piano black finish predominates on the outside, the designers have chosen typical Audi colours for the interior. The cast frame is in grey instead of the usual bronze colour, and the felt damper strips in natural white instead of wine red.

Audi Bosendorfer Grand Concert Piano

The Audi Design signet has been greatly reduced in emphasis to harmonize with the instrument’s overall appearance: it appears on the right front edge of the keyboard lid as a precisely formed, polished stainless steel inlay. As on all pianos from this Vienna manufacturer, the Bösendorfer name is displayed above the center of the keyboard.

Audi Bosendorfer

The decision to design an Audi concert grand piano is a logical consequence of many years of cultural involvement by the brand with the four-ring emblem. This includes the high-quality jazz meetings at the Audi Forum in Ingolstadt where the Audi Design grand piano will in future be seen and heard.

The Audi Design grand piano will have its world premiere at a major ceremony held on July 16, 2009 in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt to celebrate Audi’s centenary. The new instrument can be ordered via the Internet at [email protected].

All images courtesy of Audi Design.