The Carbon Fiber High-Tech Hybrid EXXEO Piano

We’ve brought you some pretty wild-looking pianos in the past. Now there’s the EXXEO Piano, the only high-end piano with a built-in battery. Created in a limited production number of 88, the high-tech, modern looking, carbon fiber composite piano is made from the highest quality materials and built by a group of artisans. Read more

Magnificent Modern Pianos by Designer Peter Maly for Sauter.

Four years ago, I shared with you a beautifully designed Grand Piano by Audi and bunch of uniquely designed modern concert, grand and upright pianos by well-known German piano makers Bosendorfer and Schimmel. Read more

The Modern M. Liminal Grand Piano by NYT Line and Philippe Gendre for Fazioli.

The music of shape and the design of sound are created in the M. Liminal model, designed by NYT Line and Philippe Gendre for Italian piano makers Fazioli.
 Just as consonance and dissonance are organized in music, M. Liminal’s shapes and colors are combined in asymmetric but orderly designs. Read more

Audi Design Strikes A Chord With A Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano

In the past, I wrote about the unusual and amazing pianos of Schimmel and Bosendorfer. Now, Bosendorfer and Audi Design have collaborated to bring us a modern sleek and beautiful Audi Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano. Read more