$57K Assassins Creed Origins Utopia Headphones by French Jeweler

Assassins Creed Origins Utopia Headphones

While no one NEEDS a $56,848 headphone homage to the award-winning video game Assassins Creed: Origins, they do exist exist. And they are not for the subtle.

Assassins Creed Origins Utopia Headphones

Assassins Creed Origins Utopia Headphones

The Assassins Creed Origins Utopia headphones are a pair of custom-designed, handcrafted, headphones made with 18k yellow gold elements by French Jeweller extraordinaire (and one of our personal favorites), Philippe Tournaire last year. Only 10 pair were created and they are still available for purchase.

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The wireless headphones were created from a pair of Focal’s Listen Wireless headphones . The 18k gold embellished version have a 15 meter range, a 20-hour battery life and a 15Hz-22kHz frequency response. The pair took months to design and include symbols, glyphs and elements from the AC Origins video game.

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The Sculpted Stand

Assassin's Creed Bust

The Tournaire-designed handcrafted headphones consist as 10 numbered copies and can be displayed on a special stand, also by Tournaire. The stand, which is sold separately is a cast bronze bust of the game’s protagonist, Bayek, and costs 12,000,00 € (about $13,650 USD)

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50 000,00 € (approx $56,848.00 USD), buy the headphones here.

12,000,00 € (approx $13,650 USD), buy the sculpted stand here