The White Walkers GOP Senators 2019 Calendar

The White Walkers GOP Senators 2019 Calendar takes a stab at the old conservative White Republican Senators by depicting them as Game of Thrones‘ villainous White Walkers. And it’s hilarious.

White Walkers GOP Senators 2019 Calendar

White Walkers GOP Senators 2019 Calendar

Not unlike the Grand Ol’ Party Senators featured in the Calendar, the White Walkers are the most feared creatures in Game of Thrones, posing a threat to anything living.

The Calendar features GOP Senators: Grassley, Cruz, Toomey, Hatch, Mcconnell, Cornyn, Graham, Roberts, Tillis, Johnson, Kennedy and Sessions

The White Walkers are thousands of years old, coming from the time preceding the Age of Heroes. Born of powerful and untested magic, they were created to protect the Children of the Forest from the First Men, who had waged war on them ever since they had arrived from Essos. However, the White Walkers eventually broke free of the Children’s control and became the most feared creatures in Westeros, posing a threat to anything living” – Game of Thrones Wiki

The 16 month calendar for 2019 has an additional four pages for 2020 and measures 11″ x 17″ when unfolded.

Rude Whisper‘s hilarious calendar is proudly printed in the USA on Recycled Paper (FCS).

The calendar serves as the perfect wall reminder to VOTE and stay politically aware (hard to ignore these faces staring at you daily.)

Lindsey Graham white walker

The satirical gift reflects our current political climate mixed with a little pop culture. And it even includes a Bonus page featuring an ORANGE white walker.

senators as White Walkers

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