Artists & Designers Make Scents; Six of Them. Series One.

Six Scents by Six Designers

Curated by Joseph Quartana (Seven New York), Six Scents: Series One, is a collection of scents that were created by six renowned perfumers working with six celebrated designers.

Six Scents by Six Designers

Six Scents by Six Designers. These are not mainstream designers – they are all on the cutting edge, each with a unique vision. Each pairing created a fragrance that will be offered in a limited quantity of 2,000 units, with individually numbered, custom packaging.

Like the fashions these designers create, these fragrances are not geared for the mass market – each team worked with an artistic concept in mind – not a target demographic. A percent of the net proceeds will go towards awareness and funding for the Designers Against AIDS (DAA), International AIDS Awareness Education Center in Antwerp.

Series One
No.1 – Alexandre Herchcovitch & Joachim Correl: Urban Tropicalia

No.2 – Bernhard Willhelm & Lucas Sieuzac: Wicken 3000

No.3 – Cosmic Wonder & Philippe Paparella-Paris: The Spirit of Wood

No.4 – Gareth Pugh & Emilie Coppermann: Diagonal

No.5 – Jeremy Scott &; Philippe Roques: Illicit Sex

No.6 – Preen & Mark Buxton: Teen Spirit

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