New Artist Wallpapers From Rollout; Bollywood on Acid & Pantone!

Rollout Artist Designed Wallpapers

I did a post awhile ago on Vancouver‘s Rollout, a creative design company that produces custom wallpaper as well as a series of artist designed wallpapers.

Artist Wallpapers From Rollout

Their latest custom designs include two fabulous patterns for Mango Shiva, a contemporary Indian restaurant in Calgary.

When Rollout sat down with Kam Dhillon over some mango lhassi and asked what he was looking for in his custom wallpapers, he thought a moment and said “The Beatles go to Bollywood on an Acid Trip”. They smiled and said: “No problem Kam. No problem at all.”

The project required 1000 sq/ft of wallpaper for the Girls & Boys Restroom walls and ceilings. The overall aesthetic of the main room was too elegant and restrained but Mr. Dhillon wanted the bathrooms to be lush with vibrant colour and imagery.

I think they achieved it, see for yourself:

The latest additions to their artist designed series (and available for purchase) are the following three designs, including one that’s as close to Pantone wallpaper as I can find, thus far:

The Owl, the Cat and the Hand by Pandarosa

Bikes by Telegramme:

Uncoated (a nod to Pantone)by Jonathan Nodrick:

View below to see how the “uncoated’ design is on the roll in it’s entirety:

To see other Pantone inspired products, not just wallpaper, read “It’s A Pantone Party!” here.

Visit Rollout to see more fabulous wallpaper designs.