37 Limited Edition Artist Christmas Ornaments Turn Your Tree Into A Gallery

Limited Edition Artist Ornaments

For those who have a passion for fine art and the unique, I’ve gathered up a selection of limited edition Holiday Ornaments designed by various respected artists, illustrators and photographers to turn your Christmas tree into a showcase for contemporary art.

Artist Christmas Ornaments

Lladro X FriendsWithYou Ornaments:
New this year is a collaboration between Lladro and art collective FriendsWithYou for some super cute and quirky porcelain Christmas Ornaments and two tree toppers.

Lladro x Friends with you christmas ornaments

Lladro x Friends with you 2014 ornaments2 IIHIH

Lladro x Friends with you 2014 ornaments3 IIHIH

UPDATE although not easy to find on their website, the Friends With You ornaments and tree toppers are still available for purchase from their historical collection here.

Shop Lladro Christmas decor here.

Also new for 2014, is the addition of this ornament by Rolito joining last years’ fabulous (and still available) “The Guest” ornament collection.

New The Guest by Rolito  Ornament:
lladro rolito guest ornament IIHIH
Size: 4×3¼ “, $300, buy it here

The Guest Ornament by Gary Baseman ($300), by Jaime Hayon ($270), by Devilrobots ($270) and by Tim Biskup ($270):
Lladro The Guest Ornaments IIHIHShop for these here  No longer available

Andy Warhol Porcelain Christmas Ornament by Rosenthal:
andy warhol rosenthal ornament IIHIH
Buy it hereNo longer available

The Globe of Goodwill Christmas Ornaments
The Benefit Society for Children with Disabilities (SLF) has launched a Globe of Goodwill every year since 2003. The Globes form a unique collection of artwork by some of Iceland’s most renowned artists. These artists contribute their work to support our efforts on behalf of children and young people with disabilities.

Globe of Goodwill 2014 Ornament, 2014 By Davíd Örn Halldórsson
david-om-halldorsson-globe-of-goodwill-2014-ornament-1 IIHIHdavid-om-halldorsson-globe-of-goodwill-2014-ornament-2 IIHIH

The following ones from previous years are still available.
ruri_eggert_petursson_ragnar_kjartansson_the_icelandic_love_corporation_and_yoko_ono_full set IIHIH

The Icelandic Love Corporation, Breath of Life, 2008:
icelandic love corporation ornamnent IIHIH

Eggert Pétursson, Circle, 2007:
ruri-eggert-petursson-ragnar-kjartansson-the-icela-globe-of-goodwill-christmas-ornaments-2 IIHIH

Rúrí, Without Beginning – without end, 2005:
ruri-eggert-petursson-ragnar-kjartansson-the-icela-globe-of-goodwill-christmas-ornaments IIHIH

Yoko Ono, Draw Your Own Map, 2011:
yoko ono draw your own map yo ornament IIHIH

Ragnar Kjartansson, THINK PIECE, 2013 (also available as an individual piece):
ruri-eggert-petursson-ragnar-kjartansson-the-icela-globe-of-goodwill-christmas-ornaments-3 IIHIH
• Set of 5 mouthblown glass ornaments
• Each ornament measures 10 cm x 10 cm. (4″ x 4″)
buy them here

“Tis The Season For Suicide” Christmas Ornaments by Todd Francis
Tis-The-Season-Ornaments by Todd-Francis IIHIH

Celebrating the tradition of suicides during the holidays, the “Tis the Season for Suicide” series of holiday ornaments by Todd Francis is now available. Displaying some of the most popular ways of ending it all, this set of four ornaments features artwork by the longtime skateboard artist printed on shatterproof, white acrylic ornaments.
Pills-and-Booze-ornament Todd-Francis IIHIHSelf-Inflicted-Gunshot- ornament Todd-Francis IIHIHHigh-Explosives-ornament Todd-Francis IIHIH
Noose-and-Chair-ornament Todd-Francis IIHIH
All 4 ornaments are double-sided with only one bearing the, “Tis The Season For Suicide” graphic. Box of 4 white ornaments includes, “High Explosives,” “Pills And Booze,” “Self Inflicted Gunshot,” and “A Noose And A Chair” Size: 3-1/4″ diameter acrylic (shatterproof) ornaments
Set of 4 ornaments includes shipping within the U.S.
$56.00 buy them here No longer available

Snarkitecture’s Broken Ornament:
snarkitcture broken-ornament-1 IIHIH

Broken Ornament is a play on the traditional glass globe holiday ornament. Appearing from one side as a smooth sphere, from other angles the excavated form reveals the jagged texture of the interior. Recast in solid gypsum cement, the white material suggests a moment between ruin and construction, frozen in time.

snarkitcture broken-ornament-2 IIHIH
Broken Ornament, 2012, White gypsum cement, 2″ x 2″ x 2″
$24, Buy it here

WILLIAM WEGMAN Christmas Ornaments (boxed set of 4 reflective glass ornaments)
william wegman christmas ornaments set of 4 IIHIH

This boxed set of 4 Christmas ornaments by celebrated artist William Wegman features four different designs on reflective gold and red ornaments. Each ornament shows one of Wegman’s original drawings, two of which include humorous lines of text. Limited to 250 sets this is an easy and perfect gift for the holidays.

william wegman christmas ornament leaving house gold IIHIHwilliam wegman christmas ornament list red IIHIHwilliam wegman christmas ornament santa and tree IIHIHwilliam wegman christmas ornament singing dogs IIHIH
Each ornament: 2 5/8″ diameter, edition of 250
$65.00, buy them here

Barbara Sullivan Silent Night Ornaments, 2008 (set of 4 silver glass ornaments)
Barbara Sullivan Silent nIght ornament set of 4 IIHIH

Silent Night is a limited edition set of four different glass holiday ornaments conceived by the artist Barbara Sullivan exclusively for Artware Editions.

Barbara Sullivan Silent nIght trees ornamnet IIHIH

Barbara Sullivan Silent nIght lodge ornamnet IIHIH

Barbara Sullivan Silent nIght woman at mirror IIHIH

Barbara Sullivan Silent shopping cart ornamnet IIHIH

The four images in Silent Night are from the photographic series Roaming: An American Portrait. Inspired by noir motifs and the dark underbelly found in the outwardly beautiful American landscape, this series seeks out moments that have a simultaneously spare and emotional resonance with a voyeuristic point of view. The quiet solitude of Silent Night offers an unexpected juxtaposition to the jolly artifice usually found in the holiday season.
3 3/4 x 3 1/4 inches. each, edition of 100
$15.00, buy them here No longer available

MOSS Gallery Pop Shop Hand Blown Glass Ornaments by Victor Chiarizia:
Mother Ship Blown glass Ornament
mothership ornament IIHIH

Only three of this wild and striking creature were ever made. Mothership is both mechanical and organic, reflective in camouflage coloration, and with an aggressive horned helmet which renders her fierce and forbidding. All of which is absolutely belied by the delicate fragility of the material of which the creature is made. We are reminded of space, and of the earth. Of a ship, and of a minuscule insect.
Limited Edition, Price:$300.00
buy it here No longer available

Alien Autopsy Blown Glass Ornament
hand blown glass alien ornament IIHIH

Created in 1998 as part of a holiday window exhibition at Moss, Alien Autopsy is a very small limited. Only two pieces were made. And in fact each is unqiue in that the “autopsied” explosion of inside parts is completely different for each piece. Designed, mouth blown and hand painted by artist Victor Chiarizia, Alient Autopsy is a rare and extraordinary piece which comments on our commonly conspiracy theories with humor and, by the nature of the materials involved, delicacy.

Limited Edition, Price:$300.00
Buy it here No longer available

Spermatazoa Blown Glass Ornament
spermatazoa ornament

Spermatazoa was created as a limited edition of thirty individual unqiue pieces, each designed, mouth-blown and hand-painted by Victor Chiarizia for the 1998 holiday window of Moss Gallery. The intention at the time was to challenge certain holiday season “tabloo”, and to borrow imagery associated with sexual reproduction to celebrate the birth of Christ. We wanted to present natural conception through traditional holiday ritual. The installation was controversial and ultimately proved to be too advanced in its message, and we chose to remove it from the gallery window. These pieces have been in secure storage for fifteen years. We felt the cultural climate had changed significantly enough for them to be re-presented once again.

Limited Edition, Price:$100.00
Buy it here No longer available

IMMACULATE, A suite of 100 blown glass ornaments of the Spermataoza shown above
immaculate 100 ornaments IHIH

Price:$10,000.00, buy them here No longer available