Artist Customized Turntables Designed For Auction

custom turntables help refugees

Back in 2018 I shared with you the customized REGA turntables designed by various artists that were auctioned for charity. This year, Secret 7″ has done it again, only with 15 artists!

Custom Turntables Help Refugees

Artist Customized Turntables Up For Auction

Secret 7″, a company that combines art with music for charitable causes, sent 15 different artists a REGA turntable and invited them to create something unique with it.

Rega planar custom turntables help refugees
The Rega planar 1 turntable in white
rega planar 1 white turntable low angle
The Rega planar 1 turntable in white (shown without cover)

Using a Rega Planar 1 as a canvas, each artist has pushed the boundaries of the open brief, repurposing and reconditioning the turntable into a novel piece of art.

Sir Paul Smith, “Artist Stripe” turntable
Sir Paul Smith, “Artist Stripe”
Sir Paul Smith, “Artist Stripe”, detail
Sir Paul Smith, “Artist Stripe”, detail

One-of-a-kind responses included British artist Haroon Mirza’s incorporation of Gysin and Burroughs’ Dreamachine in his turntable lighting into his design in homage:

secret 7" turntable auction
Haroon Mirza, “A Dreamachine of sorts”
Isabel + Helen, “Round and round” turntable
Isabel + Helen, “Round and round”
Lauren Baker, “UNRAVELLING” turntable
Lauren Baker, “UNRAVELLING”

Tony Hung, who has previously used neon for Blur’s 2015 album Magic Whip, has used the material in his unique design, ‘3 A.M. Somewhere Out of Beaumont’:

Tony Hung, “3 A.M. Somewhere out of Beaumont”
Tony Hung, “3 A.M. Somewhere out of Beaumont”
Rayvenn D'Clark, “Bifurcation” turntable
Rayvenn D’Clark, “Bifurcation”
Rayvenn D'Clark, “Bifurcation” detail
Rayvenn D’Clark, “Bifurcation” detail

Chrissie Macdonald experimented with stained glass:

Chrissie Macdonald, “Listen With Your Eyes”
Chrissie Macdonald, “Listen With Your Eyes”
chrissie macdonald stained glass detail
Chrissie Macdonald, “Listen With Your Eyes”, stained glass detail
Morag Myerscough, “Abstract” turntable
Morag Myerscough, “Abstract”
Rana Begum, “No. 994, 2020” turntable
Rana Begum, “No. 994, 2020”

Phillips-Walmsley used 23 carat gold within her design:

Phillips-Walmsley, “On loop” turntable
Phillips-Walmsley, “On loop”
Phillips-Walmsley, “On loop” gold turntable detail
Phillips-Walmsley, “On loop” gold turntable detail
Gregor Hildebrandt, “The Board (flogging a dead horse (S.P.)” turntable
Gregor Hildebrandt, “The Board (flogging a dead horse (S.P.)”

Musician Alison Goldfrapp, set designer Shona Heath, street artist Pure Evil and Kent-based artist Charlie Oscar Patterson have interpreted the brief in a more sculptural way, incorporating three-dimensional structures into their turntables.

Alison Goldfrapp, “Melt Mountain”
Alison Goldfrapp, “Melt Mountain”
Alison Goldfrapp, “Melt Mountain” detail
Alison Goldfrapp, “Melt Mountain” detail
Shona Heath, “Table top” turntable
Shona Heath, “Table top”
Pure Evil, “Infinite Bunnies” turntabke
Pure Evil, “Infinite Bunnies”
Pure Evil turntable detail
Pure Evil, “Infinite Bunnies”, turntable detail
Charlie Oscar Patterson, “Timeless” turntable
Charlie Oscar Patterson, “Timeless”

The one of a kind turntables will have their very own exhibition from Secret 7″ at the NOW Gallery, from 4 – 12 November, after which they will be auctioned with 100% of the proceeds going to the Help Refugees organization. Help Refugees are a charity with minimal overheads and maximum impact. They go where the need is greatest, find the local organisations doing the most effective work, and give them what they need to help people – whether that’s funding, material aid or volunteers.

The auction is now open for pre-bids and registration with The Auction Collective. Those who are interested in taking part can bid in three ways: over the phone, with absentee bids or via the live stream on 12 November at 19.00 GMT.

The Connor Brothers, CALL ME ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY, is included in the auction

In addition to the turntables, the painting shown above by The Connor Brothers is included within the auction entitled ‘Call me Anything but Ordinary’.

Thank you to Secret 7″ and The Auction Collective for the information and images

Learn more or to sign up to bid here