The Cutest Christmas Chocolate Confections!

artisan christmas chocolates

These artisan Christmas chocolates are some of the cutest confections for the holiday season we’ve ever seen. An Enchanted Forest with a cast of chocolate characters, beautiful baubles and traditional holiday subjects that are so beautifully sculpted, they’re almost too cute to eat.

Cutest Artisan Christmas Chocolates

Artisan Christmas Chocolates

An artisan chocolatier rooted in the Angevin tradition, La Petite Marquise puts all its know-how at the service of Christmas magic by imagining chocolates and confectionery made with gourmet flavors and natural fruit dyes in exceptional shapes for La Maison Du Quernon artisan chocolates of Angers.

la maison du quernon storefront

The Enchanted Forest
enchanted forest illustration

Their edible “enchanted forest” consists of chocolate versions of your favorites woodland creatures: a snowy white owl, a red fox, an adorable deer in a turtleneck and a bear in a cozy sweater. Add to that a trio of mushrooms and a snow covered tree made of baubles and snowflakes.

white chocolate owl

white chocolate owl

chocolate fox

rene roux chocolate fox

chocolate chilli deer

christmas chocolate deer

chocolate winter bear

chocolate bear in sweater

chcolate mushrooms from france

the enchanted forest chocolate tree

The Essential Christmas Characters
Then there are the essential Christmas and winter subjects with colorful casts (Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, penguin, etc.) garnished with Quernons or dark chocolate, milk or dulcey frying.

chocolate santas

chocolate snowman

mother christmas chocolate

chocolate penguins

chocolate fir trees

Why Blue?
The special blue chocolate versions are the brand’s nod to their signature color inspired by the roofs of castles, residences and houses in Anjou that have been elegantly adorned with slate for over ten centuries. This blue schist stone is extracted in particular in the quarries of Trélazé not far from the center of Angers. Known for remarkable quality, Anjou slate is recognized throughout France and the rest of the world.

blue slate tiles of anjou
The famous blue of Quernon d’ardoise was inspired by slate roof tiles

Chocolate Baubles
And lastly, their signature baubles (or ornaments) which are lovely:
chocolate christmas ornaments

la maison du quernon d'ardoise
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