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Couple Delights Neighbors With Giant Christmas Pudding Hedge.

giant christmas pudding hedge

Inspired by their then 10 year old granddaughter, who’d remarked how their front hedge resembled a massive Christmas pudding, Roger and Valerie Holley began what has become an annual holiday tradition that delights the locals in Yeovil, Somerset.

Giant Christmas Pudding Hedge

Holley christmas pudding hedge from street

The couple’s front yard sports a giant Christmas Pudding that can be seen for blocks.

giant christmas pudding hedge
Roger and Valerie Holley with their granddaughter, who inspired the hedge.

The retired Roger Holley and his wife Valerie spent five years pruning the trees in front of their Yeovil, Somerset home to perfect the round shape. In 2008, they unveiled their creation to the neighborhood for the first time.

Holley christmas pudding hedge5

roger holley pruning christmas pudding hedge

The 20 ft tall hedge was made by merging two 25 year old conifers together. They then attached toilet ballcocks for berries and 5ft pieces of plywood for leaves, before spraying it with white emulsion paint.

Holley christmas pudding hedge roger and valerie

20ft-christmas pudding tree by Roger and Valerie Holley

Holley christmas pudding hedge3

A few years later they added a Robin made from a gym ball for its body, golf balls for its eyes, a light bulb and fibre glass for the red chest and carpet to create the look of feathers.

Robin and holly leaf detail

christmas pudding hedge

Holley christmas pudding hedge6A

We don’t know of they are still doing this annually, but we do know they did this for several years.

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