35 Brilliant Pop Culture Art Puns from Hanksy

pop culture art puns

The artist known as Hansky must have a blast. Everything he creates, including his moniker, mocks the world of celebrity and art. Actors, musicians, athletes and politicians are combined with pop culture and rendered in his street art to result in that lowest rung of comedy, the pun. And like several puns, they’re so bad, they’re good.

Art Puns from Hanksy

Art Puns from Hanksy
West Coast Wrap

When I first introduced you to the artist, it was a look at his very first show at Krause Gallery featuring the work upon which his name was based: a mash-up of Banksy’s street art with seemingly ubiquitous celebrity Tom Hanks.

Hanksy's first show at Krause Gallery, 2012
Hanksy’s first show at Krause Gallery, 2012

Since that time, no one has been safe. Not Bill Murray, Bernie Sanders, Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt McConaughey. Not even Neil de Grasse. Hansky has been besmirching (albeit lovingly) everyone from rap artists to Disney stars with twists on their names, their characters and/ or popular movies. If you don’t get them, you’re not up on your movies, celebs and music. I cannot help but laugh aloud whenever I see them, so I thought you might just do the same.

His Donald Dump has been so popular it’s been turned into pins, posters, prints and more:

Art Puns from Hanksy
Donald Dump
Art Puns from Hanksy
Ariana ‘muy’ Grande
Art Puns from Hanksy
sKurt Steak
visual puns
pop culture art puns
Granger Things
pop culture art puns
Karnye Asada
Pop Culture Art Puns
Bi-Curious George
Pop Culture Art Puns
Mr. Berns
hanksy art
Pee Wee Merman
street art
Ur a piece of DiCrapio
Pop Culture Art Puns
Meth Rogen
Hansky graffiti
My Little Droney
Pop Culture Art Puns
Bill Murrito
Pop Culture Art Puns by hanksy
fred armistead pun
Fred Parmesan
street art puns
Degrassi Drake
hanksy street artisy
Get Rich or Nye Tryin’
Hanksy Justin Beaver
Justin Beaver
Vanny McBride
celebrity street art
Hasta Love-ista Baby
Glazed & Confused
celebrity name puns hanksy
Dicki Minaj
funny puns
Stairway to Kevin
Drake-O Malfoy
Drake-O Malfoy
Human 50 Centipede
Human 50 Centipede
vanilla ice humor
ice ice baby
pop culture and celebrity art
The Karate sKid’s Mark
The Walken Dead
The Walken Dead
celebrity name puns
Rick Morvanis
Jonah Hill, Jonah Chill
Jonah Hill, Jonah Chill
LeBrawny James street art
LeBrawny James
Kanye Brest
Nair Jordan