35 Brilliant Pop Culture Art Puns from Hanksy

The artist known as Hansky must have a blast. Everything he creates, including his moniker, mocks the world of celebrity and art. Actors, musicians, athletes and politicians are combined with pop culture and rendered in his street art to result in that lowest rung of comedy, the pun. And like several puns, they’re so bad, they’re good. Read more

A Mash Up of Banksy’s Art and Academy Award Winner Tom Hanks = Hanksy.

above: Banksy’s Flower Thrower becomes Tom Hanks chucking Wilson, the volleyball that kept him company in Castaway

Street Art and Graffiti often tends to be tongue-in cheek to begin with. Add another layer of puns and fun and you’ve got Hanksy’s work – A mash up of the street art by Banksy and the movies of award winning actor Tom Hanks. Read more