Arkiane Fireplaces. Proof That The French Know How To Heat Things Up.

Arkiane Fireplaces

French fireplace company ARKIANE was founded in 1990 by Dominique Lelong. The company’s activities include conception and creation of contemporary fireplace models, client advisory service, production management, custom designed installation plans, order processing and on-site installation.

Arkiane Fireplaces

They have several modern indoor or outdoor styles, many of which are available as either built in or wall mounted fireplaces. In some instances, they are available as ceiling suspended or floor models.

Here are a few of my favorite designs. Note that many of the styles have matching fireplace tools.

The Fayco:
Fayco wall mounted fireplace
Fayco fireplace

The Icoya:
The Icoya
The Icoya wall-mounted fireplace

The Soio:
The Soio

The Oxyalis:
The Oxyalis

The Eclypsya:
The Eclypsya
The Eclypsya fireplace

The Yan li:
The Yan li
The Yan li fireplace
The Yan li wall-mounted fireplace

The fireplaces are distributed by professional fireplace dealers or sold directly by ARKIANE in France. To see if there’s a dealer or distributor in your country, please consult the company. Should you wish more details, please contact them via e-mail or telephone: + 33 / 475 60 40 10

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Ph. : 04 75 60 80 04 Fax : 04 75 60 98 24