Arkiane Fireplaces. Proof That The French Know How To Heat Things Up.

Arkiane Fireplaces

French fireplace company ARKIANE was founded in 1990 by Dominique Lelong. The company’s activities include conception and creation of contemporary fireplace models, client advisory service, production management, custom designed installation plans, order processing and on-site installation. Read more

Need To Add Some Warmth To Your Home? These Chazelle Fireplaces Are Hot.

Chazelle fireplaces — Cheminées de Chazelle – offer a large range of enclosed fireplaces varying from rustic and traditional to modern and streamlined. Using materials like traditional stone, blue stone, granite, cement, metals and woods, they have wall mounted, inset, and traditional fireplaces that are as hot looking as they are functional. Below are a few of their more contemporary designs.

The Aleria:

The Antalya:

The Arche:

The Arlequin:

The Bambou:

The Biarritz:

The Boat:

The Fura:

The Fura Twin:

The Galet:

The Hossegor:

The Linea:

The Louise:

The Malte:

The Oostende:

The Opole:

The Pivoines:

The Tokyo:

The Venlo:

The Vittoria:

The Voissay:

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Cheminées de Chazelles
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