Arkup Livable Yachts Unveils Their First Green Floating Villa

Arkup Livable Yachts

Arkup Livable Yachts has launched with Arkup #1 docked at Miami’s über exclusive Star Island. The 4,300-square-foot floating home is the first of it kind, a customized self-lifting barge, and was unveiled in April of this year. It can cruise along like a boat or can be anchored in a marina, but most notably, it can be hydraulically elevated to stand upon pilings above the water to protect you from high winds, surges and floods.

Arkup Livable Yachts

luxury floating villa

We’ve shown you several eco-friendly and luxurious houseboats and floating villas before, but this combines many of their attributes in one. The Arkup livable yacht was conceived to be sustainable and “future-proof”, from its ability to withstand or avoid extreme weather events, to its self-contained systems that allow fully off-the-grid living. It’s solar powered, electric-propelled and self-lifting.

electric houseboat

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Arkup’s intent is to create these next-generation floating homes to sail quietly in the bay or to live in the most elegant marinas. In addition the the hydraulic pilings which can elevate the home above water, they can be cutomized to include retractable decks, solar panels, a boat-lift for tenders or jet-skis and a submersible sun deck.

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The vessel is zero emission, carbon neutral and energy positive. It also collects rain water and treats it for onboard use. Sustainable and green materials are incorporated into the villa’s design as much as possible.

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The four 40-foot-long hydraulic pilings, or “spuds” in marine terminology, level the floating home, creating a sturdy foundation in depths of as much as 20 feet. In addition to the added security in rough weather, this system eliminates the effect of the rolling of the sea, and, for those affected by it, seasickness.

arkup livable yacht

The #1’s curved white exterior form is reminiscent of another modern floating home about which we blogged, Amsterdam’s Watervilla de Omval

This floating home has 4,350 square feet (405 m²) of total space and 2,600 square feet (242 m²) of indoor space: a 775 square foot (72 m²) living room including a full kitchen, three en-suite bedrooms. The total square footage includes the terrace and balcony space.

Arkup Livable Yachts
main deck
Arkup Livable Yachts
upper deck
Arkup Livable Yachts
solar roof
Arkup Livable Yachts
roof terrace (optional)
customized hull

The interior furniture and staging of Arkup #1 by Artefacto adds a sophistication and comfortable elegance to the otherwise boxy looking villa. Thanks to them, The South Florida Business Journal and Arkup, we have several great photos of the interior for you.

customizable houseboat

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luxury houseboat interior

Arkup houseboat

luxury houseboat interior

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houseboat kitchen

arkup kitchen

houseboat bedroom

bedroom in Arkup Houseboat

houseboat living

arkup interior

Arkup Livable Yachts

houseboat design

house boat

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Some Key Features

The four 40ft long hydraulic legs allow to anchor in up to 20ft water depths and lift the livable yacht above the sea-level.

The smart communications system including satellite TV and WI-FI antennas, LTE and VHF to stay connected at all times.

The 456 sqft retractable terrace adds plenty of outdoor space and is surrounded by shock resistant glass railings.

Two noise-free electric thrusters of 136 hp each rotate 180° for the best maneuver-ability propel the yacht up to 7 knots.

36kW power generation by solar roof and up to 1MWh power storage ensure plenty of energy to operate the boat engines and livable features. With limited sun, the vessel can cruise the entire day on battery.

Rainwater is collected from the roof, then stored in the hull and purified to ensure fresh water full-autonomy.

A boat lift is located at the stern to easily dock your tender or jet ski. The sun deck can be immersed, turning into a sea pool.

Home automation technology means you can control temperature, lights, electric shades, sound system, etc. remotely. It’s monitored in real-time providing the user with information on battery life and water tank capacity, as well as overall energy generation-consumption ratio.

Price? Around $5.5 million.

For more information visit Arkup

photos courtesy of Artefacto Miami, Arkup and Jock Fistick for the South Florida Business Journal