And You Thought Roombas Were For Cleaning. Light Art Photography By Robotic Vacuums.

roomba light photography IIHIH

Roomba Light Photography. Photos taken via camera, on a tripod, with a long exposure capture the illuminated paths of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Roomba Light Photography

These colorful images are long exposures from cameras on tripods following the light of robotic vacuums, the Roomba by irobot, giving the illusion of a room painted with light. And you thought those Roombas were only good for Cat Rides and sucking up dirt.

roomba light photography
roomba light art
roomba art
roomba light photography
light photography
Roomba robotic vacuum art
roomba vacuum light art
roomba light patterns
put a camera on a roomba
roomba light photography
roomba light photos

roomba patterns
In this last image, flying toy helicopters were used to add streams of light in the air:
flying remote helicopters

Images courtesy of the roomba flickr group and Bobby B.(aka h8808)

And in case you’d like to try it yourself, here an article which shows you how to attach a camera to your Roomba.