Ad Campaign For Plant For The Planet by Legas Delany Hamburg Uses Cut Leaf Art.

Plant For The Planet leaf art

This latest ad campaign for the Germany based organization Plant For The Planet was created by Legas Delany of Hamburg (who was also responsible for their large “Stop Talking, Start Planting” campaign) and utilizes the talents of artist Lorenzo Duran.

Plant for the Planet Leaf Art

plant for the planet ad campaign
Plant for the Planet Leaf Art

Duran takes the art of leaf-carving and gives it an environmental spin in these three ads by illustrating common causes of CO2 emissions.

ad campaign with carved leavesenvironmentally conscious artPlant For The Planet leaf art ad campaign

Plant For The Planet is an awareness raising global campaign, realized without any budget. You can help them in their fight for climate justice in several ways. For more information visit

plant for the planet organization

Lorenzo Duran does sell his one of a kind cut leaf silhouettes, some of which are shown below, on his blog. If the leaf is already sold, he’ll be happy to recreate it for you.

Lorenzo Duran leaf art
custom leaf carvingslorenzo duran leaf art IIHIH

Plant For The Planet

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