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And Then There’s These – Strapless Panties by Shibue Couture.

After dominating the Salon de La Lingerie runway in Paris and making headlines in the UK’s largest daily publication “The Sun”, Shibue® Couture unveiled that it’s the only trusted Strapless Panty worn on the runway during Fashion Week and keeps designer collection debuts “panty-line free.” Next, Shibue® Couture will grace the runways in New York during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Strapless Panties by Shibue Couture

above: Shibue Couture debuts Lace and Hold Up Collection at the Salon de La Lingerie Fashion Show in Paris.

Washable, reusable, self-adhesive and totally invisible, the strapless panties by Shibue Couture keep you panty-line free.

Jenny Beuttner, Founder and Designer of Shibue® Couture, recently debuted her latest Lace and Hold Up Collection in Paris that garnered attention from top designers, models and stylists across the world. Shibue® Couture eliminates one of the biggest fashion faux pas in the world: the visible panty line. Shibue is the creator and innovator of the one-of-kind Shibue® Strapless Panty, it’s washable and reusable with a soft and silky silicone gel adhesive that is applied on the top front and back of the panty, leaving nothing but a traditional style thong in between with a cotton liner for protection.

“Fashion Week used to feel like a dream to us, but we knew we had the product that designers didn’t even know they were missing. Now their couture will look flawless and the models will feel comfortable without having to risk baring it all for fashion’s sake. Everyone wins with The Shibue® Strapless Panty, and that’s what we were aiming for all along. When we look good, we feel good!” said Buettner who has seen massive success by not just crossing the line, rather erasing it.

strapless panties

The Shibue® Strapless Panty will be featured on top models at Fashion Week 2014 and is the unseen product that will make these couture shows flawless. This season Shibue® Couture supports Hugo Boss, Katie Stern by Venexiana and the Hervé Léger by Max Azria Fall 2014 Runway Show where Max and Lubox Azria will debut the collection inspired by the beauty of nature and animal patterns at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

above: At present Shibue Couture offers the strapless panties in black, mocha and beige.

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About Shibue ® Couture:
Shibue®Couture was created by Designer Jenny Beuttner a line of solution-based products to cure undergarment needs, including a variety of discrete bra shapewear. Shibue® Couture’s most innovative product is the first and only strapless panty on the market. The reusable Shibue® Strapless Panty erases panty line worries for any outfit and any occasion. Their taglines are: “We Didn’t Cross The Line…We Erased It!” and “She Shoulda Shibued!”