Trending Mash-Up: A Stranger Things Christmas

Trending for the past two days is A Stranger Things Christmas, a pop culture mashup by Leigh Lahav & Oren Mendez. They’ve taken the characters from the world of Stranger Things, animated them in the style of Charles Schultz‘ loveable Peanuts characters, and presented a new animated Christmas tale.

A Stranger Things Christmas

A Stranger Things Christmas
Character Eleven in Stranger things is turned into a Peanuts Character

For those few who don’t know, Stranger Things is a television-format series created by the Duffer Brothers. It was released as a Netflix original series premiering on July 15, 2016. The show takes place in Indiana in 1983 for the first (and second) season and largely focuses on the disappearance of Will Byers.

Winona Ryder in a scene from Stranger Things
Recreated scene from Stranger Things in Schultz’ Peanuts style animation

In this animated mashup, A Stranger Things Christmas, main character Will Byers from the popular Netflix sci-fi series returns home from the upside down, but can’t seem to shake off that traumatic experience:

Created by:
Leigh Lahav & Oren Mendez

Alex Jebb Quine
Dylan Neumeyer
Nicholas Polley
Rylan Bailey

Rotem Bloch

Scott Hampton
Frankie Simon