A Different Way To Set Diamonds. And Your Dinner Table. Diamonds In Glass.

DIG - Diamonds in Glass

Way back in February of 2008, I blogged about DIG- Diamonds in Glass, an Austrian company that came up with a way to suspend genuine cut diamonds in borosilicate glass.

DIG- Diamonds in Glass

DIG- Diamonds in Glass
The high quality faceted diamonds appeared in stemware, napkin rings, keychains and jewelry items for both men and women. Since 2008, things have changed at DIG. The shapes and silhouettes of their stemware are different and colored or frosted glass is now available. While they still carry jewelry and keychains, those styles have changed as well. And now they’ve included some unique collaborations such as eyeglasses.  (UPDATE 2020: Diamonds in Glass is now a collection of illusion jewelry only, designed by Natascha Schenk. Tobias Berger no longer appears to be part of the company.)

DIG Tableware

DIG uses Wesselton Diamonds of VVS1 clarity. The customer can choose from various sizes depending upon the application. Due to the curvature of the glass, the diamond has the appearance of being much larger than it actually is.

DIG Drinking Glasses
White wine glasses with diamonds in the stems:

Red wine glasses with diamonds in the stems:

Champagne and Multi-use glasses with diamonds in the stems:

Champagne flutes with diamonds in the stems:

Their drinking glasses, made of borosilicate glass with diamonds embedded in the stem come in white wine, red wine, multi-beverage and champagne styles. The diamonds can be embedded in clear, frosted, black or blue glass surroundings. Diamonds are available in four sizes; 0.15, 0.20, 0.30, or 0.5 carats.

The DIG Imperial glass:

The Imperial Glass is the most expensive Champagne glass in the world (at least DIG says so). The stem of the glass is exquisitely handmade of 180g gold with extreme care by the company . Contained in the Imperial Glass are a total of 8.1 carats of diamonds. The diamonds are partly set into the golden stem by hand, and partly implemented according to the Diamond in Glass process.

DIG Napkin Rings:

DIG Caviar bowl and spoon:

DIG caviar dish with spoon has a total of 0.30 ct. of diamonds. A diamond is in the stem of the bowl and one in the spoon. The diamonds are backed with glass available in clear, blue, black or frosted.

DIG Jewelry
DIG Diamond Pendants/ necklaces:

DIG Diamond Rings:
Various size stones available and settings in white gold or stainless steel.

DIG Earrings:

DIG Cufflinks:

DIG Keychains:

DIG & Andy Wolf Brille
DIG & Andy Wolf eyelasses with a total of 0.20 ct.Diamond set in yellow gold in the temple stem.

The DIG Kings Saxophone was especially designed and made for Thailand’s Millionaire Expo. The saxophone is 38cm high and weighs about 1kg. In the instrument there are 7 diamonds, having a total of 2 carats, as well as 280g of gold.

The DIG Kings Saxophone comes in a wooden case with a black piano lacquer. The King of Thailand’s Royal Coat of Arms is also hand painted onto the casing. The Kings Saxophone was completed after 100 hours of careful and skillfull handicraft.

Austrian duo, glassblower Natascha Schenk and designer Tobias Berger together are Diamonds in Glass:

They sell a few of the above items in their online webshop, but you can contact them for other options as well as custom designs.

Diamonds in Glass