Matchstick Diamond Jewelry Launches In Absolutely Adorable Packaging.

Matchstick Diamond Jewelry

Launched by Britain-born Louise Carter, Matchstick is a new brand of diamond baguette jewelry. The five pieces in the collection, each of which are available in 18k white, yellow or rose gold, include a Boy, a Girl, a Dog, a Small Heart and a Large Heart. Read more

Moritz Glik’s Kaleidoscope Collection of Fine Gemstone Jewelry Shakes Things Up.

Moritz Glik jewelry

My new ‘wishlist’ item is a piece, any piece, from Moritz Glik’s latest jewelry collection, Kaleidoscope. A line of fine jewelry that takes ordinarily traditionally set gemstones and uses them in a very unconventional way. Earrings, necklaces, pendants and cuffs in which loose diamonds and gems of various colors and cuts tumble around in settings that are unlike most I have seen before. Read more

A Different Way To Set Diamonds. And Your Dinner Table. Diamonds In Glass.

DIG - Diamonds in Glass

Way back in February of 2008, I blogged about DIG- Diamonds in Glass, an Austrian company that came up with a way to suspend genuine cut diamonds in borosilicate glass. Read more

New London Ring, Leaning Tower of Pisa Ring & French Kiss Rings by Tournaire.

New Philippe Tournaire Rings

This is my third post on the Dream House Rings (Villa de Reve) and Bijoux Architecture collection by jeweller Philippe Tournaire. I simply can’t get enough of these remarkable examples of craftsmanship and jewelry design. Since my last post, he has added the following London Ring and Leaning Tower of Pisa Ring to his impressive collection of rings that feature the architecture of cities all over the world. Read more

All 46 Superbowl Rings To Date And Some Fun Facts About Them.

All 46 Superbowl Rings

Don’t fret, further in this post, each of the above rings are shown enlarged for detail.

One of the most recognizable pieces of bling are given to the players of the National Football League’s annual championship game, the Super Bowl. Who makes them? Who gets them? What are they worth? Read more

Rings That Rock and Roll. Kinetic Jewelry By Michael Berger.

Kinetic Jewelry By Michael Bergerabove: Stainless Steel kinetic ring with 14 brilliant cut diamonds

Most kinetic (moving) jewelry is downright ugly. But these modern rings by Michael Berger are definitely an exception. Geometric shapes in brushed and polished golds or stainless steel, some set with fine gems, diamonds or Tahitian Pearls, sit upon the finger like little moving sculptures. I love how the shanks are all unusually shaped as well. Read more

World’s Most Expensive Barbie Unveiled: Over Half Million Dollar Canturi Barbie

World's Most Expensive Barbie

The World’s Most Expensive Barbie is dripping in real jewels. Read more

Fancy Footwear. Kickbars Are Diamond Jewelry For Your Sneakers.

diamond and gemstone kickbars

Baller bling, baby.
It’s not enough to have diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, body jewelry, belt buckles and even grills. Now, your athletic shoes must be adorned with ice as well. Read more